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About Our Store

Our shop is in fact a jewelry Marketplace where The Eye of Jewelry features a selection of carefully chosen jewelry pieces and designers we have personally encountered. The Eye of Jewelry is the first webzine that combines editorial and commercial features. Our goal is to tell stories and share insights about our jewelry discoveries and offer the possibility to our readers to purchase a piece they have read about. Considering the overwhelming selection of jewelry brands that are available on the market, clients or future clients can easily be confused.

Therefore, in developing our own jewelry marketplace, we provide to our audience a guidance to buy specific brands and products that we find in line with our philosophy, that have a creativity and awareness in respecting the traditional craftsmanship put into their jewelry pieces. Needless to mention that we cannot carry every brand available on the market nor all of the collections of a chosen brand. Rest assured, when choosing a product on The Eye of Jewelry’s marketplace, we guarantee quality and accuracy in regards to the information you can read about the brand or the product. Bare in mind that every client can be personally assisted or advised by a member of our team if desired.

Our store offers a jewelry selection organized by default on our marketplace homepage. Developed to be user-friendly, our jewelry selection available on the marketplace can be sorted with filters including prices, popularity, brands or types of products. When purchasing an item on The Eye of Jewelry’s marketplace, the designated brand will receive a direct confirmation order from our system in order for them to proceed with the order. In our offices, we don’t hold any inventory.

Therefore, each product ordered will depart from the manufacturing address of each designated brand. In the case of an exchange or a return, the client needs to refer to the terms and conditions stipulated by the brand. Each designer sets his own rules. The Eye of Jewelry cannot bypass them, however, our team will make sure that a product gets delivered on time and to the right address. In the case that one of our customers is interested in a piece of jewelry of one of our designers that is not featured in our selection, we can definitely help with the request. At the end of the day, there are no problems, only solutions.