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Laura Sayan

As a true advocate of jewelry transmission and timeless pieces, Armenian designer Laura Sayan turned herself into the jewelry world after years looking for everyday luxury pieces in high jeweler’s lines; she decided to create her own.

This jewelry quest pushed her to launch her namesake brand just after graduating from a Gemology School in Geneva. Throughout her work, the fine jeweler develops an aesthetic based on delicate and feminine pieces to mix and match depending on your moods and feelings you want to express.

Laura Sayan takes inspiration in her Armenian roots which enabled her to create a traditional yet symbol-inspired collection in order to infuse her creations with personal meanings. As an example, the iconic Chouchane collection not only bears the same name of her grand-mother but also her daughter which means lily flower in Armenian. Here, Laura Sayan revisited the flower pattern through an exquisite first collection that led her to create one of her best-sellers: the Chouchane ring. Set with a ruby or a lapis lazuli stone, Laura Sayan’s jewel exudes an irresistible femininity.

Her cultural roots left aside, Sayan also takes inspiration in the Native American culture in which talismans have a strong presence in jewelry. As a matter of fact, she loves to revamp those in a modern way, like the dream catcher available in her collection in a variety of stone settings. The amulet necklace, paved with red ruby, yellow and pink sapphires, will protect you from the negative waves while embellishing any outfit.

If her precious talismans have already caught the eye of international buyers such as French luxury retailers Madlords or Montaigne Market, Laura Sayan is also a pioneer of co-creation with her faithful clients that follows her since her debuts. Every fine jewelry piece can be personalized depending on the material (gold, silver) or the gem set that you wish. A jewelry bespoke service that you will surely get to you!

Laura Sayan
Laura Sayan
Laura Sayan
Laura Sayan Tigran earrings mounted on 18k black gold with red rubies and grey diamonds
Laura SayanLaura Sayan - Tigran earrings mounted on 18k black gold with red rubies and grey diamonds

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