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The French and the Italians are not the only masters of jewelry expertise. They may be more present on the market, but there are several remarkable talents emerging on the other side of the Atlantic… If the access to the European borders can be challenging for sales, those American jewelry designers we can call talents, master online sales enabling them to go beyond borders. America’s got talent and The Eye of Jewelry met some of them at the Las Vegas Couture Show.

By Eléonor Picciotto


Founded in New York City by two local designers, Jemma Wynne was born in 2008. The duo describes their pieces as the “cashmere sweaters” of the jewelry world. Jenny Klatt and Stephanie Wynne Lalin thought about everything when they developed their creations, to be worn both day and night, for a formal or casual style. A modern brand anchored with a touch of art-deco style.

Jemma Wynne
prive diamond shield signet ring mounted on yellow gold 

Katey Brunini lives on her love for feathers, gemstones and nature to the fullest. As an accomplished artist she has embraced mother nature by using bold gemstones set into imposing cuff bracelets, astonishingly designed to imprint the wrist by offering an ethereal style. Her vision of the “Bridal Alternative” offers a new take on the engagement ring, for a result that is as unique as it is original.

Katey Brunini
Small double Twig ring in white gold with Cabochon shaped sapphire, Skipping Stones ring in platinum with pink diamonds and Large Vertebrae ring in white gold with oval shaped Sapphire

Lynn Ban has adopted a different approach. She is a tomboy with a feminine touch, walks in a way where nothing can stop her. Black on black; from her eyewear to her nails, lips or clothing, the designer sports black from head to toe. Almost gothic, she is scared of nothing and no one, creating collections in a blend of rock culture and unusual chic. And apparently she is as sweet as she is shy. Spotted by Montaigne Market a few years ago, her pieces are now flying off the shelves!

Lynn Ban
Shagreen Cuff

Mexican-born Colette has lived in Los Angeles for decades, and speaks perfect French. She lives a life in monochrome, preferring black, white or a blend of both. The designer seems ageless, light- heartedly joking about her four lovers, five children and one husband, and only wears jewelry set with timeless black or white diamonds. Every year, she spends three months travelling across the world in search of inspiration for her next collection. The key to her success.

Colette Jewelry
BellaDonna hand installation mounted on pink gold with white diamonds

He is the son of a jeweler who learned everything from his father, Arman Sarkisyan is specialized in hand-engraving jewelry and antique medallions paved with precious stones boasting ancient forms. According to Arman raw gemstones with inclusions became his passion, according to him, “symbolizing life”. An enchanted world surrounds his jewelry, and each piece tells a story.

Arman Sarkisyan
Earrings set with colored stones

Paige Novick represents minimalism in its purest form. As a staunch lover of French culture, she designs organic and unpretentious pieces. All of her jewelry is made exclusively in New York, and everything is set with diamonds sourced from the famous Rio Tinto Argyle mine in Australia bearing one of the best reputation in the jewelry industry.

Paige Novick
Flou Open Wide Wavy Diamond Gold Cuff Bracelet

The androgynous, doll-faced Pamela Love is the perfect embodiment of Brooklyn. This born-artist also directs experimental films, and is fascinated by astronomy and botany. Covered in tattoos, with easy and fluid movements, talking at lighting speed, Pamela Love is a true New York girl. Her studies in art and cinema drove her far from the world of gold and diamonds, and yet destiny had other plans… Supported by the Roitfeld family – both Carine and her daughter Julia – Pamela Love works closely with Topshop and J.Crew to create capsule collections defined by modern, mystical urban style.

Pamela Love
Moon Phase collar

See you in a few months to discover the new-comers.

The next Las Vegas Couture Show will be held at the Wynn Hotel from June 2nd until June 6th, 2017.