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Swiss Jewelry and Watches Excellence: Bucherer

They have been around since 1888. They have their own-manufacture and they carry with pride the Swiss quality. Bucherer based their reputation as watch retailers – yet, their jewelry expertise and craftmanship is worth looking at.

Bucherer’s craftsmanship has long attracted worldwide recognition and praise for the brand, securing it a place amongst the finest jewelry and watchmaking houses whose creations often grace formal events of national importance.

For centuries Bucherer’s creations stood for life’s most special, emotional moments with exceptional level of craftsmanship and expertise going into the making of every individual piece. Their signature technique and superior know-how produces works-of-art that manage to capture and retain beauty in its purest form as evidenced by their radiance and ethereal style.

Creativity blends with Swiss tradition to create pieces with a magical attraction and luminous allure. Bucherer’s creations are characterized by their rarity, durability and, of course, transcending beauty. The practiced eye of the connoisseur quickly distinguishes and appreciates the striking variety of flawless pearls, diamonds and coloured gemstones.

At Bucherer the goldsmith’s art is taken to the next level, integrating the individual skills of designers, artisans and craftsmen, resulting in the dynamic contour and fascinating originality of each individual piece. With an in-house manufacture, Bucherer brings the initial design to life following a careful process that requires a great deal of meticulous work and expertise – two things their reputation is based on.

Over the years, Bucherer has managed to develop jewelry lines and bespoke pieces following a customer’s specifications. It is a testament to the brand’s commitment for the client’s satisfaction and the bringing of unique designs to life in the most beautiful possible form. The language of love and passion translates perfectly in Bucherer’s romantic collections, specifically designed to celebrate those moments that leave us out of breath. From engagement rings and wedding bands to delicate bridal jewelry and personalized pieces that incorporate family heirlooms – every piece tells a story and it’s a story that’s as unique as the person wearing it.

La cerise bracelet mounted on grey gold with tourmaline and diamonds 
Pastello ring mounted on rose gold with sapphires
Pearls earrings mounted on rose gold with 10 pearls and 70 diamonds
Pastello necklace mounted on grey gold with sapphires
Carl-Friedrich Bucherer, businessman and entrepreneur, opens Lucerne's first watch and jewelry store.
Ernst Bucherer enters into a partnership with Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex.
The third generation of this family of entrepreneurs joined the company, marking its expansion to Austria and Germany.
Bucherer acquires the Kurz Group.
Bucherer acquires Swiss Lion AG.
To celebrate its 125th jubilee the brand the world's largest watch and jewellery store in Paris.