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Cartier or the beautiful

Red identity, sublime felines, iconic jewelry pieces and modern watchmaking embody the house of Cartier and still will for future decades.

Cartier has always been a traveler seeking the most extraodinary stones. Known for the use of platinum in jewelry creations, Cartier became a reference in jewelry to the point that nowadays, la Maison Cartier is the first jewelry producer in the world.

Indian influences, modern watchmaking, official jeweler of the kings and queens, inovative designs and talented craftmanship allowed Cartier creations to reach the status of pieces of art beyond jewelry.

La Maison des Metiers d’art aims to carry on tradition and modernity by preserving, sharing and innovating traditional savoir-faire and craftmanships.

In parallel, the Cartier Foundation was created in 1984 to support contemporary art in promoting creations and discovery by comissioning and producing talented artists. The Fondation Cartier celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.

Cartier Trinity ring mounted on rose gold with diamonds and pink sapphires
Panthère de Cartier – White gold with brilliant-cut diamonds
Juste un Clou bracelet mounted on white gold with diamonds
Amulette de Cartier mounted on yellow gold with diamonds and lapis lazuli
Louis Francois Cartier takes upon the workshop of his master Adolphe Picard.
The blue Hope diamond, “the cursed diamond” gets sold.
Black leopard wristwatch became the emblematic piece of the house the same year the TANK watch was launched.
Creation of the 3-bands ring and bracelet called Trinity in the U.S.
Creation of the LOVE bracelet the same year Richard Burton offered a 69,42 carats pear shape diamond to Elisabeth Taylor for her birthday.
Creation of the Fondation Cartier.
Owned by Richemont since the creation of the group.
Founding member of the FHH (Fondation de la Haute-Horlogerie) aimed to share the culture of watchmaking, to train specialists and to assert its role as the Think Tank of the Fine Watchmaking industry.