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Catherine Angiel

Catherine Angiel plays with textures, shapes and vivid colours  she blends in an eclectic celebration of vintage-inspired styles that celebrate the multifaceted beauty of life.

With a signature style that is feminine and sophisticated, the New York-born designer has created a brand that heavily relies on an eclectic mixture of inspirations, influences and experiences. Catherine Angiel brings a truly unique approach to the conservative world of jewelry-making with her rich personality and bold character that translates to original and eye-catching pieces.

The delicacy of execution is quickly noticeable throughout her graceful and surprisingly contemporary jewelry lines. Catherine’s passion for pushing the boundaries of creative conformity and interpreting traditional designs and shapes within a modern context has made her popularity skyrocket in the fashion world with A-list clientele lining up to snatch a piece of her signature collections.

A natural-born artist and renegade, the designer’s desire for expression and innovation has led her down a road of exploration and self-discovery. The result is a brand with trend-setting signature style that produces fierce, feminine and sophisticated pieces of unmatched quality and essence. Her edgier pieces are a wonderful representation of the vibe of New York she claims to be her muse.

The modern-antique feel of the collections stems from a careful blend of architectural minimalism, meticulous execution, inspirational designs and powerful iconic symbolism. Encrusted with black and white diamonds – her exclusive pieces represent a true commitment to transformative art and a promise for uniqueness that is meant to last.

From the delicate and refined bridal collections that are perfect embodiment of love and passion to the edgier and sculptural bracelets and rings – every piece is hand-crafted to high standards of artisan traditions and perfection. In adding a bespoke ‘cool’ factor to her jewelry, Catherine succeeds where so many other jewelry designers fail – to create an opposition of shapes and colours that complements the wearer’s personality and not overshadow it.

Catherine Angiel
Edgy dagger bracelet with 24 strands of faceted black spinel beads
Catherine Angiel
Black diamond cross statement earrings weight in blackened sterling silver with white gold backs
Catherine Angiel
Champagne diamond teardrop earrings are shown with 2.50 carats total weight diamonds in blackened silver with gold posts backs
Catherine Angiel
Unique longhorn necklace shown with .20 carat total weight in sterling silver
Catherine Angiel launches her brand with the opening of her first boutique in Greenwich Village.
Her store earns America’s Cool Store award.