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The gemstone passion by Celine D’Aoust

Céline d’Aoust captures a harmonious blend of Nature in most of her original creations displaying the symbolic values of the gems.

Beautifully made by hand, Celine d’Aoust’s jewelry echoes the designer’s lifelong fascination with the deep meaning and symbolic value of precious stones. The Belgium designer has been endlessly exploring their energy-inducing properties and evocative power that slowly transcended into her unique brand that combines passion for the art and vision for the future.

Characterized by exceptional savoir-faire and charismatic inclusions, Celine’s designs celebrate Nature in its true, unaltered form of pure light, freedom and magic. Working exclusively with precious and semi-precious stones in a rich palette of natural colours, her passion and fine artisan skills blend in a process of alchemy that produces truly ethereal creations.

With meticulous attention to detail and eye for only the most vivid and mesmerizing gems, Celine’s concepts are a play on contrasts that draws out their best features. Rough and delicate elements intertwine in a sublime blend of shapes, textures and nuances, where poetry meets refinement to create fine jewelry lines. Her obvious passion for the multifaceted allure of coloured tourmalines and other semi and precious stones define her style. The result  can be observed in her ethereal compositions that celebrate Nature’s imperfections and turn them into precious keepsakes.

The brand’s designs have become renowned for not shying away and even showcasing the naturally-occurring inclusions that are common in elements like tourmaline, giving them a varied and rather ethereal quality. Preserving and celebrating these inclusions and cloudy bits has become the signature trademark of Celine d’Aoust and one of the most-beloved features of her jewelry.

Working with some of the finest craftsmen in modern Japan who still employ traditional artisan methods, going as far back as using techniques from the time of the maharajahs, the brand has evolved into a contemporary atelier of intertwining powers and qualities that resonate with the wearer in a unique way.

Celine D’Aoust
Rainbow flying wings earrings mounted on light yellow gold with multi sapphires
Celine D’Aoust
Bangle mounted on light rose gold with two tourmaline and diamonds
Celine D’Aoust
Chain necklace full eye mounted on light rose gold with tourmaline and diamonds
Celine D’Aoust
Stella tourmaline ring mounted on light rose gold with watermelon tourmaline and diamonds setting
Celine d’Aoust unveils her first signature collection.