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Chanel got over her lover with a Lion collection ….

Sous le Signe du Lion demonstrates the power and prowess of Chanel in using their beloved icon for a high-jewelry collection dedicated to the lion.

An exquisite collection of unparalleled grandeur was imagined under the star sign of founder Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel and inspired by poignant moments in her life. The king of the Zodiac is majestically represented throughout the exclusive line of brave and uncompromising jewelry that comprises necklaces, brooches, earrings, bracelet, watch and ring with a masterfully crafted lion’s head set on a gemstone background and seen in three-quarter view.

Translating to ‘Under the Sign of the Lion’, there are 58 pieces in the emblematic line that echo Coco’s love for the dominant figure of the powerful animal she discovered while exploring Venice in 1929. The opulence of the Byzantine art and the mesmerizingly bejewelled gold tiles on the church cupolas have also left a reflection on the designer’s fascination with the Italian city. Every single piece is a luxurious display of white gold, coloured pearls and platinum set with diamonds to fully convey the spirit and strength of the symbol that inspired it.

The lion-shaped jewelry captures the majestic beauty and strength of the king of the zodiac with signature transformable pieces set with diamonds. There is an underlying symbolic language throughout the entire collections that not only speaks to the wearer on an emotional level, but is also a testament to the superior technical mastery of the brand’s artisans. Encapsulating the air of the 1970s, this collection affirms the breadth of Chanel’s creativity and know-how.

All pieces stand out with their uncompromising presence and dramatic grandeur, achieved via a careful combination of yellow gold, platinum and luminous diamonds. The lion figure, carved from rock crystal, adorns the medallion-style necklaces, cuff bracelets, rings and delicate pave earrings, emitting grace and strength that is hard to miss. ‘Sous le Signe du Lion’ is a deeply symbolic collection that embodies Chanel’s love for signs and numbers, and their ever-lasting connection.

Featuring the first-ever jewel to be produced in Chanel’s very own high jewelry ateliers – the ‘Lion Royal’ in white gold, platinum and diamonds is truly a sight to behold. The flowing necklace set with diamonds is a transformable piece that can be worn as a sautoir or a shorter necklace. Its main motif – the lion’s head – can be detached and worn as a brooch. The similarly-themed pendant earrings are a waterfall of precious stones. The ‘Lion Rugissant‘ is a spectacular and clean ring with a prominent lion figure whose design takes inspiration from the Byzantine mosaics that Chanel discovered in Saint Mark’s Basilica and the island of Torcello. The unique pattern is a demonstration of superb technical mastery and daring design choices – signature traits of the designer who wrote an entire new chapter in modern fashion.

It is uplifting to know that the original Lion collection was born out of Gabrielle’s ability to recover from the loss of her lover, Boy Capel, which was the reason for her first trip to Venice as well as the death of her close friends Sergei Diaghilev in 1932. There, amidst the archaic glory of the cemetery of San Michele, the Basilica of St. Marc and the public monument of La Serenissima, she was able to discover her passion for powerful symbols and their ethereal essence that can be translated in the eternal language of jewelry.