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Confidence in style translates into Chaumet’s latest collection “Insolence”

Behind the eye of Karen Collins, a New-York based photographer, Chaumet reveals its latest collection ‘Insolence’. Paying tribute to jewelry and photography at the same time, Chaumet twists the traditional bow into a wanna-own design.

Famously linked to aristocracies such as Queen Marie-Antoinette and Queen Elizabeth I, the bow design in jewelry, but most specifically at Chaumet, is a typical design, interpreted in many ways … rings, brooches, necklaces or even studs and drop earrings.  A jewelry bow has been over the centuries a symbol of love and femininity.

This year, Chaumet added a whimsical touch of naughtiness, sexiness and spontaneity with its loose knots in rose gold rope entwined with a diamond ribbon. The bow, whether tied or untied, arouses a gush of airy indiscretion in a game of two-some. Like a beautiful painting, it envisioned a graceful union that could unravel a whole new level of intimacy which is about to abloom behind closed doors. The ‘Insolence’ collection celebrates a women’s sensuality and the liberation to embrace all of life’s pleasures.

Chaumet chose Karen Collins to magically capture the new collection. The American and New-York based photographer plays with naked bodies in the shadows to display the 10 pieces of high-jewelry…as a way to envision through her own eye the notion of sensual pleasure of ‘Insolence’. Insolence by Chaumet is a collection playing on duality mixing white and pink gold altogether.

Six of these pieces form as part of the core collection consisting of earrings, pendants, bracelets, rings and a delicate brooch priced at a few thousands of euros.  The other four are high jewelry with more intricate designs fetching sometimes several hundred thousands of euros. Some diamonds weighting over 1 carat are daintily set using Chaumet’s beloved ‘blade setting’ technique surrounded by brilliant-cut diamonds encrusting the entire surface of the bows.

Necklace mounted on white and rose gold with diamonds
Ring mounted on white and rose gold with diamonds
Bracelet mounted on white and rose gold with diamonds (large model)
High Jewelry ring mounted on white and rose gold with diamonds
High Jewelry earrings mounted on white and rose gold with diamonds