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David Morris, the London Jeweller

For the past six decades, David Morris has installed his British reputation of high-end jewelry located on the prestigious New Bond St adress showcasing their beautiful couture jewelry with regal splendour, hand-crafted to the highest standards of goldsmith traditions.

David Morris has retained its status as preferred house of jewellery to royalty, collectors and high-end clientele for over five decades. Their limited edition collections attest to the highest standards of horology, goldsmith and gemmology applied with a great attention to detail and harmonic composition.

Every piece is individually crafted from an exquisite diamond cocktail in a surreal blend with pearls, colourful gemstones and gold. The bespoke talent and dedication to the craft of the artisans shines through in collections like Tassel, which draws inspiration from the mysterious allure of talismanic jewellery worn throughout the Middle-East. The intricate selection of diamond petals in combination with exuberant emeralds creates a vision that is both fluid and eternally stylish.

The love for the translucent and majestic diamond lies in the heart of all David Morris pieces as evidenced by the lavish use of the beautifully sculpted gems. Their mystical allure is captured and enhanced true impeccable craftsmanship and with a sublime play of colours and shapes. Fascinated by clean, cut shapes – the designer relies heavily on inspiration drawn from Mother Nature’s flawless floral masterpieces like the rose’s petals and their immaculate proportions.

From the signature collection Illusion that is a mesmerizingly beautiful distortion of reality to the more gentle and romantic Rose-Cut – every piece is painstakingly put together through an intricate combination of brilliant motifs to bring to life a sparkle of magnificent proportions. The splendid variety of shapes and symbols found in Nature is recreated with care and great expertise in floral designs that perfectly compliment the ever-so-elusive female spirit.

Resurrection of vintage glamour meets contemporary grace and minimalism for the ultimate blend of styles and designs. The end result is jewellery that transcends time and trends for a dramatic effect and incredible sparkle fit for any occasion.

David Morris
colored diamonds and diamonds ear pendants and necklace set
David Morris
Oval diamond mounted with pear-shape diamond shoulders and micro-set white diamonds
David Morris
Pink spinel & diamond chandelier earrings
David Morris
Natural Burma oval-cut ruby
mounted with two row white marquise-cut diamond surround and micro-set white diamonds
David Morris Jewels opens at The Diamond House in London.
David Morris is awarded De Beer’s 10th Diamonds International Award.
The brand expands in the US.
David Morris is commissioned to create the Miss World crown, still used today.
The Fine Jewellery Room opens I Harrods.
The brand expands in Russia.
An exhibit of David Morris is featured in the Victoria & Albert Museum in the historical jewellery room.