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The business of the ear: studs, jackets or hoops – a consumer society phenomenon

There has never been as many options to adorn your ear in a single manner as there was before. Ear studs, ear jackets, hoops and mini hoops, sold a single earring or as a pair; fashion jewelry designers very well understood the earring phenomenon and deployed an army of single and dazzling options.

The consumer society we live in consists in : see more, need more, want more. Right here, right now. Therefore, designers as a whole and most recently jewelry designers needed to adapt the market in order to satisfy customers.

Everything comes with a trend. The most recent one ? Tatoos and holes. The more the merrier… some would claim. Style aside, the feminine gent has been piercing their ears all the way up to the top, sometimes counting 9 holes per ear.

More holes means that we need more options to fill those holes; it also means that we need more earrings sold by unit and more styles to mix and match them side by side. And the trick part comes when we need more earring shapes to fit properly each section of the pierced ear.

Therefore, the earring market has grown into an ear business responding to a demanding clientele that needs constant feeding.

And we have not mention what are the different options! It used to be a simple Q/A:  diamonds or pearls, studs or hoops, drop or short earrings. Now, we are into something much more complex requiring an amount of attention, precision and options like there is no tomorrow.

The earring industry has defined itself thanks to the creativity of designers who launched not a pair, but one iconic piece that every girl wanted, dreamed of or talked about. To name a few, Yvonne Leon made the buzz when she launched the bee earring and ear jacket. Maria Tash is famous for her tribal pearl set hoop. Pristine made her reputation with her paved cones and Repossi draggued all of the attention on her plain gold earcuff.

When it’s not about a product, it’s about a concept. Some managed to create their own, others specialized in a paths no other have before ! Ben Gems  invented a stud set to mix and match the central stone with different colored disks. Ofée conceptualized an earring bar  to custom make your own combination based on their existing collection and Edendiam has a production on demand offering an online services, 3D rendering and unlimited options to create your ultimate piece.

The world of jewelry is changing fast. Diamond studs have been replaced with snakes, owls or stars. Ear jackets have been created to dress up the ear with an existing stud without having to make another hole. Hoops have been downsized to a mini version in order to wear it on the cartilage or inside the ear if needed. What will come next ? We are not so sure about that …  if not a lot of jewelry bequeathed for inheritance!

Yvonne Leon
Bee earrings mounted on yellow gold with black and white diamonds

Small Cone mounted on with gold and pared with black and white diamonds

Bunny earrings mounted on white gold with sapphire and diamonds

Maria Tash
Pearl coronet ring (earlob) mounted on rose gold with diamond briolette

Ear Jacket mounted on rose gold with white diamonds

Interchangeable earrings mounted on white gold with sapphire, ruby and tsavorite

Small Horn mounted on whith gold and pared with black and white diamonds

Earcuff mounted on plain gold

Yvonne Leon
Libellule earrings mounted on white gold with white diamonds and tsavorites

Aaron Jah Stone
Phoenix Earrings – set on white gold with black opal and diamonds