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Eli-o is the new hand-made jewelry brand spotted by The Eye of Jewelry!

Her name is Elisa. She is young, Swiss with Greek origins and she designs her pieces from A-to-Z with an eye on the complete production process in her Atelier based in the « Quartier des Bains » in Geneva.

Vintage is making a big come-back in jewelry. The founder of the brand, Elisa Pantazopoulos claims that “Handmade is imperfectly perfect!”. As a matter of fact she offers exclusive hand-made jewelry in every single of her Eli-o designs.

Mounted on silver or 18k gold, Eli-o’s jewelry is made from what is called « lost wax casting ». This ancient technique embraces the organic hand’s imperfections at work. Her designs aim to be worn everyday. They are simple and subtle yet so delicate. The real challenge comes when stacking up pieces … your look becomes cooler than it already is.

You can visit her website and have a close look at what you can get, but most importantly, at what price can you get it ! More info at :

Nyx ring mounted on yellow gold with one diamond, ~ CHF 935
Eos Earrings mounted on yellow gold, ~ CHF 640
Iris necklace mounted on yellow gold, ~ CHF 1’005