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Jewelry in Black and White with Elise Dray

At 22, French designer Elise Dray creates her eponymous brand in 2010.
With a hint on naturalism art, she creates a hippie-rock romantic jewelry brand mixing golden leaves and cabochon she sets with wood, onyx or diamonds. Enter the fantastic, dreamlike universe of Elise Dray inspired by nature…

She is 22 when French designer Elise Dray creates her eponymous brand in 2010.
A fantastic, dreamlike universe  inspired by nature with a hint on naturalism art, she created a hippie-rock romantic jewelry brand.

The contemporary elegance and minimalism of Elise Dray’s creations meet untamed passion in the craft of her collections, producing a mesmerizing combination women adore. Few jewellers are able capture and relay a powerful message of duality that permeates the female nature in such a beautiful way the way she does it. Elise Dray is the portrait of a woman who dares to live the life she dreams.

Ordinary jewels take a life of their own underneath her dextrous fingers, which make much more than simple material pieces for adoration. Long after her clients step outside her boutique, they are haunted by the palpable energy emanating from the jewels as some sort of wondrous earthly pulse. Precious stones are set into fine gold and platinum for a delicate and luminous effect of ethereal beauty and refined allure.

Her symbol of choice – the snake – pervades Dray’s collections with its effortless elegance and dangerous mysticism. Its delicate curves are worked wonderfully into a variety of rings and bracelets that wrap around the wrist, the neck or the finger with the grace and charm of the hypnotizing animal itself. Drawing her inspiration from Nature’s creatures and forms has shaped Elise’s vision for beauty and harmony in defining her brand’s path as one that seeks to celebrate the organic, unaltered charm found in the world around us.

The raw magnetism of Elise Dray’s jewels mimics brilliantly the animal prowess and effortless grace with the precious stones and materials immortalizing some of the most beautiful moments found in Nature. Her dynamic compositions re-interpret aesthetic templates with a witty virtuosity as they are literal micro-explosions of colour and light.

Manipulating gemstones in such a remarkable way comes naturally to Elise and validates her becoming a household name in the high-end jewellery industry in such a short time. The young designer has, undoubtedly, much more to offer, but for now selected few have the privilege to appreciate the exquisite construction close-up of her marvellous creations.

Elise Dray
Tulipe earnings mounted on black gold with black and grey diamonds 
Elise Dray
Plumette Ring mounted on white gold with pearl and diamonds
Elise Dray
Stripe Star ring mounted on white and black gold with white and black diamonds
Elise Dray
Ravissante earings mounted on white gold grey diamond and pearl
Elise Dray graduates from BJOP a Jewelry School of the Louvre in Paris
She is 22 and creates a brand under her own name: ELISE DRAY
She sells at Montaigne Market, her first stockist.