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Georg Jensen

The fine jewelry Danish brand Georg Jensen embodies fluidity and function in the finest alchemy process for more than 100 years with timeless aesthetic design.

Captivating, provocative celebration of creativity is found throughout Georg Jansen’s collections that are the living embodiment of the merger of art and design. Sculptural, ethereal and feminine – the unique combination of fine arts and metalsmithing has produced iconic pieces of the 20th century.

Influencing the game-changing era of art and design has shaped the brand into an international inspiration for organic modernism and spectacular high-end jewellery. Through continuous innovation and elevation of the senses, a team of dedicated artists, virtuosos and gemmologists have rendered some of the most inspiring pieces – a true celebration of transformation and rebirth. The elegant organic jewelry is a  representation of the forces of nature that captured and relays the power, mystery and deep significance of the elements.

The design evolution of Georg Jensen has gone through powerful and elegant design themes that created some of the most iconic collections like Alliance, Centenary, Infinity, Moonlight Blossom and Nocturne. Delicate waves and strikingly vivid gemstones blend in an eclectic combination of styles and harmonic elegance that has come to define the signature allure of all Georg Jensen jewellery.

Highly-wearable and surprisingly affordable are two of the most important qualities that the brand’s creations possess and a direct representation of Jansen’s vision for touching people’s lives with everlasting beauty and perfection. The radial symmetry and the striking contrasts of the pieces are achieved through great attention to detail, meticulous craftsmanship and intricate execution.

Well-ordered geometry and organic shapes come together in the world of Georg Jensen for a unique and highly original approach to standard jewellery-making. Their designs are emotional, all-so-elegant and not without a certain edge.

Georg Jensen
Dune Bangle mounted on rose gold with cinnamon diamonds
Georg Jensen
Aurora earrings mounted on white gold with brilliant cut diamonds
Georg Jensen
Askill bangle mounted on yellow gold with brilliant cut diamonds

Georg Jensen
Lamellae twin ring mounted on yellow gold with brilliant cut diamonds
Georg Jansen launches the Jansen brand in the heart of Copenhagen.
The first shop in Berlin opens.
Georg Jensen collaborates with late-Zaha Hadid