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What is La Tache Bobo?

Bold and rough, Elena Gondorf is the creative spirit behind the concpet of La Tache Bobo. A high jewelry brand setting large rubies, black diamonds and more recently sapphires in simple and organic designs.

La Tache Bobo is a brand that was born from the creativity and passion of a designer seeking to immortalize the elusive and ethereal beauty of precious and rough stones. Inspired by Elena Gondorf’s bohemian outlook on life, her love for exotic travels and free spirit – the designs are highly versatile and varied, not bound to a single trend or style.

The jewelry is likened to a true work of art, one that speaks to all senses and is the very definition of hand-crafted luxury. Extraordinary compositions show the level of dedication and precision that go in the making process, where every single creation is the very epitome of perfection and symmetry. Elena’s precious, exclusive jewelry quickly gained a loyal following amongst those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Cultural, artistic, fashion and historic elements come together to form the diverse background of the brand’s story and vision. The end result is highly eclectic jewellery that appeals on various levels. The personal ideal for beauty and harmony of the designer leaves an intimate handprint on every piece in a way that sends an emotional message to the wearer.

Elena’s first collections with the brand – Wonderlust and Mayhem – were highly praised by fellow jewellers and media outlets alike for their unique interpretation of the way the Far East influences the world of precious gems. The designs are the reflections of the mystic, ethereal allure of Indochina as they convey a sense of timelessness and divine proportions. The pear-shaped rubies on unconventional two-finger and between-finger black gold rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces with pastel tones have nothing to do with traditional precious jewelry.

In a highly conservative world, La Tache Bobo offers unique and unexpected rendering of well-known shapes in a way that brings out the extraordinary qualities of well-known precious gems.

La Tache Bobo
Ring mounted on black gold with black diamonds
La Tache Bobo
Palm cuff mounted on black gold with black diamonds
La Tache Bobo
Palm cuff mounted on black gold with natural ruby
La Tache Bobo
Thumb ring mounted on black gold with natural ruby
Elena Gondorf founds La Tache Bobo.