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Top 10: custom jewelry made for you.

Personalized or not, all of these originals jewelry makes you feel trendy and unique ! From earrings, to necklace or double fingers rings you will fall in love with. The Eye of Jewelry spotted 10 pieces for you to pick, choose and customize.

Victor Houplain is young, driven and patient. Keeping in mind that launching a business requires a lot a time, energy, patience and money, the 24-years old designer works at Dyptique (famous candle brand) to earn a living during the day, while developing his jewelry brand at night.

With the money he manages to put aside, Victor Houplain invests it in his brand to develop prototypes and first edition of his pieces. To start his jewelry adventure, he decided to focus on bracelets. Mounted on the different types of gold and set with black or white diamonds each of his model can easily find an owner.

Paved, delicate and feminine, Houplain does not take too many risks. He wishes to please women in adorning their wrist with a jewel she will not take off.

The Médaillon bracelet is 1.40 carats of diamonds paved on a flatten gold round. Your turn to pick the color combination of gold and diamonds!

The Liens bracelet has a meaning. It seals the link between two chains, two human-beings, two souls.

The Longévité  bracelet takes inspiration in the art-déco period filled with Asian references more precisely Vietnam, with a symetrical architecture ultra desired by jewelry lovers.

Alison Lou
Me earring mounted on gold with diamonds ~ 1’145 Euros
Sydney Evan
I heart u ring mounted on rose gold with diamonds and rubies ~ CHF 740
Script love necklace mounted on gold ~ USD$ 455
Claudia Oddi
Skin bracelet wow mounted on gold with enamel
Diane Kordas
Wow Pop Art pendant necklace mounted on rose gold
Jason of beverly hills
The Couture ring mounted on white gold with white diamonds
Jennifer Meyer
Adore bracelet mounted on gold ~ 556 Euros
“Monogram” diamond two finger ring mounted on white gold ~ USD$ 1’100
Kiss me ring mounted on rose gold ~ 715 Euros
Stephen Webster
+ Tracey emin love diamond bracelet mounted on gold ~ 1’456 Euros