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Rivka transforms a religious symbol into a jewelry icon.

The youd is the smallest letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Yet, Rivka Nahmias has used her artistic  eye to blend beauty and harmony in a her first jewelry collection  where she has set the youd as a universal talisman rather than just a religious symbol.

Rivka Valerie Nahmias was a beauty journalist based in Paris who sometimes wrote about high jewelry collections. She has been doing this her whole career until two years ago when she got inspired by a letter.
One day, she realized that the 10th letter of the Hebrew alphabet named the Youd not only happened to be the smallest (in size) but its shape could also be found in almost every single letter.

The Youd means the hand, and the hand gives and take. Not only the collection is symbolic as it is the first one Rivka Nahmias officially launched in September 2015, but it has a symbolic meaning. The Youd is the first letter of Jerusalem, of the hand, Jesus or most emblematic patriarchs. On a biblical standpoint, it corresponds to God’s fingerprint in the creation of the world. Yet, the youd is the smallest letter of the alphabet but the most important in meaning.

Defined by fine craftsmanship, textural and sculptural designs – Rivka’s talismans collection speaks the language of the modern and the independent woman. She offers the possibility to custom the pieces and place a personal order. Since Rivka works in her own workshop in Paris, all of the pieces are hand-made and embellished with delicately glistening genuine gemstones and set in rich handcrafted satin finishes for a one-of-a-kind look and feel.

The classic allure of the Youd signature pieces has defined a path of youthful simplicity where Rivka was able to use a religious symbol she transformed into a jewelry icon. The versatile nature of the jewelry allows a multiple style integration where the pieces can be customised to the client’s taste, wish or budget. Rings are stackable, bracelets can be worn on cotton thread, diamonds can be set by 2, 4 or full pavage – something that the designer considers particularly important.

Rivka Nahmias
Y-Talisman King David mounted on black gold with black diamonds

Rivka Nahmias
Keter ring mounted on white gold with diamonds
Rivka Nahmias
Y-Talisman King David mounted on yellow gold with diamonds

Rivka Nahmias
Boheme ring mounted on yellow gold with rubies
She launches her first eponymous collection.