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Unmistakably recognizable in the high-end jewelry world, Shourouk’s style is a striking contrast culminating in dazzling pieces of fashionable and ornate style.

Drawing inspiration from her numerous trips around the globe, Shourouk’s creations are as exuberant and diverse as life itself. The hand-stitched intricate pieces are a dazzling blend of brilliant Swarovski crystals and painted stones for every new season – a combination as effective as it is unorthodox in the conservative world of jewelry-making.

The funky fashion sense of the designer has attracted a cult of faithful followers, amongst which some of the most stylish and beloved icons of the entertainment industry like Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady Gaga, Jessica Chastain, Anna dello Russo, Miroslava Duma and Beth Ditto. Identifying with the hybrid style of the creations is easy, especially since they fit so well contextually in the postmodern industrial world and can be worn as casual basics as well as occasion centrepieces.

From highly successful collaborations with Swarovski to prestigious brands including Shanghai-Tang and Hiroko Koshino as well as Net a Porter – the Tunisian-born designer’s revolutionary sense of style has taken the fashion world by storm with the bold exploration of new materials, techniques and combinations.

Creatively focusing on a contrast of shapes, her creations evoke sensations and are designed to glorify colour and gaiety. Created with comfort in mind, Shorouk describes her jewelry as effortlessly beautiful and feminine – just the way any jewel should be. The multi-faceted designs are wonderfully evocative of the fleeting female nature and brilliantly capture the mood of every and any occasion –a kind of aesthetic that is difficult to find.

The designer’s rich heritage shines through in the intricate designs that are woven together in an exuberant matrix of Swarovski crystals, metal sequins, silk, and industrial elements. Her love for embroidery shines through in the way traditional Tunisian motifs find their way into contemporary high-end jewellery, exploring the full spectrum of the colour palette.

Parisian designer, Shourouk Rhaiem founds Shourouk Jewellery.
Shourouk is selected by French Designer Jean Paul Gaultier to accessorize the models of his Haute Couture fashion show in the Fall of 2009.
Shourouk is selected for the Swarovski Designer’s Choice.
First Lady Michelle Obama asks Shourouk to create a special piece she can wear during her official state visit to Dublin.
again - Collaboration with the designer Shanghai-Tang for a limited collection with the leading luxury brand in China.
Shourouk designs a limited edition for designer Hiroko Koshino where she uses metal sequins for the collection. Later that year, she also creates special pieces for NET-A-PORTER - leading online fashion designer website.
In August, Shourouk launches a limited collection available in over 1'000 Swarovski boutiques worldwide. Then, she creates a high-end jewelry piece for the Swarovski Couture show.
Again Shourouk finalizes her second collaboration with NET A PORTER.