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The only man who dared re-designing the wedding band: Stuart Moore

Stuart Moore’s contemporary jewelry is at its finest with clean, cut architectural aesthetics and minimalistic appeal that transcends trends and time.

One designer has dared to re-define the conservative industry of engagement rings with his bold vision and powerful drive, and his name is Stuart Moore. Remember it!

With the introduction of his signature line of high-end jewelry Stuart Moore presented a most unusual package of elements to be found in a piece so delicate and cherished: harder metals, contemporary design, superb craftsmanship, and brilliant diamonds.

The award-winning artist has over 30 years of experience in designing rings, which results in superior know-how and captivating compositions. The soft curved forms of the rings are beautifully complemented by the delicate shimmer of flawless diamonds to convey a highly-emotional message of love and companionship. Subtle nuances and gentle shapes come together to form alluring designs in a variety of materials – platinum, yellow and white 18k gold.

Stuart Moore has built a brand unique in its approach to customers and visionary in the way it reimagined an object as classic as the engagement ring. The designer’s strong inclination towards modern art shines through in the architectural aesthetic and austere minimalism of his pieces, which make a statement not through flamboyance, but subtle finesse.

The sculptural rings are the result of the sourcing of the highest quality materials and the collaborative efforts of skilful Swiss and German goldsmiths. With a very clear ideal of beauty and it relies on a set formula of quality, simplicity and innovation. Presently regarded as one of the leading diamond jewellers in the States, the Stuart Moore brand combines top quality diamonds and innovative craftsmanship.

Using specialist metalworking, the pieces are defined by unparalleled sturdiness apart from architectural aesthetics. His famous solitaire ring range exhibits strikingly harmonious proportions, where the diamonds in his pieces to appear to float within their tension settings.