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The House of Tarsis reinvents how to wear pearls addressing young and modern women.

Naturally-perfect organic gems, pearls are making a huge come back thanks to the resolutely modern designs of Tarsis. This is the story of two childhood friends whose dream came true.

By Marie Caroline Selmer

The french-based brand, founded by Marie Ségaux and Aldric Huss, is part of the new generation of contemporary designers which are reinventing pearls jewelry.

Tarsis offers a bold and contemporary identity, imagined by Theodore Famery, based on the duality of colors, elements, materials, shapes, textures.

Their first collection, entitled Stana, is inspired by the nordic ice landscape where ancient volcanic rocks appear by strata. The range is all about lacks and spaces, offering a different aspect according to the viewing angle of the gems.

Like with the Stana ring which embodies sophisticated elegance, it is set on a bright gold circle where the freshwater culture pearl seems to gravitate on the top of your finger. Available in 18K white or pink gold, the creation is combined to black onyx or red cornalian stone, depending on the version.

Worn as an earring, the sliced pearl captures the light and illuminates the face. The contemporary design takes the form of gold and fine stone sliced spheres, set with a spotless white pearl, offering a refined and harmonious contrast.

With its sleek design made of geometrical forms, the brand aims to show pearls through an entirely new light. Placing the cultured pearl at the heart of its design, Tarsis, which is also member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, only uses AAA classified cultured pearls for his french hand-crafted production.

Last but not least, each piece Tarsis jewelry piece can be personnalized according to your desires. Choose your gold color and fine stone to bring life to a unique creation.

100% made in France, their avant-garde pieces crafted in their Parisian offices, challenge the traditional jewelry codes. Anything to seduce the new pearl wearers.

Stanå ring in 18k pink gold, AAA white freshwater cultured pearl and red cornalian
Stanå ring in 18k white gold, AAA white freshwater cultured pearl and black onyx
Stanå earrings in 18k white gold, AAA white freshwater cultured pearls and black onyx
Stanå bracelet in 18k pink gold, AAA white freshwater cultured pearl and red cornalian