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VdB Geneva Style !

Sensuality spells ‘creativity’ in the spellbinding world of Van der Bauwede – a world of consistently trendy, glamorous and elegant works-of-art. Mixing black and white diamonds with rubellites, aligator skin with colored sapphires or a VdB diamond set on a white gold band, the Geneva-based brand knows it all and does it well with a price-positionning super rare in the current jewelry market.

Closely related to the art world, Van der Bauwede’s jewelry collections perfectly reflect the brand’s non-conformist spirit through a powerful combination of charisma, audacity and elegance. The designs are an epitome of absolute femininity, revealed through voluptuous volumes and powerful contrasts of colour-rich gemstones.

Loyal to its innovative spirit, Van Der Bauwede Genève jewelry remains in sync with fashion and trends by drawing upon expertise passed down from generation to generation. Their avant-garde, rebellious, albeit elegant pieces, all carry distinctive personalities that appeal to a wide variety of clientele. A blend of exclusive aesthetics and state-of-the-art technology – the name Van Der Bauwede has become a synonym for timeless class and contemporary chic at very interresting prices !

From pioneering the first ever rectangular diamond cut to crafting technologically superior timepieces – the brand continues to set frontiers in the world of high-end jewelry and watchmaking through constant innovation, creative experimentation and impeccable engineering. Their Diamond Solitaire Collection is the ultimate embodiment of ethereal beauty and transient luminance – two qualities that every diamond possesses, but are so difficult to capture.

Developed with respect to the 4Cs – carat, colour, clarity and cut – Van Der Bauwede’s creations achieve incredible radiance through a careful union of the highest standards in gemmology and craftsmanship. Encompassing countless variations – each and every one of the pieces sublimates women in a deeply mysterious way that resonates with the fleeting female nature.

The brand has earned considerable international renown through a unique policy of perpetuating tradition and values while remaining relevant and trendy with original and daring designs. In keeping with the life and heart’s desires of modern women – Van Der Bauwede succeeds where others fail so often – creating spectacular pieces that resonate with the feminine nature.

Van Der Bauwede 
Twilight ring mounted on white gold with white diamonds, black sapphires and rubellite
Van Der Bauwede
Ivy Precious bracelet mounted on pink gold with white diamonds, orange and yellow sapphires and smoked quartz
Van Der Bauwede
Twilight necklace mounted on pink gold with white diamonds
Van Der Bauwede
Volute earings mounted on white gold with black sapphires and rubellite
Alexis Van Der Bauwede from Bruges creates the brand of the same name.
Alexis debuts his first jewellery set, called the ‘Cubes Diamants’.
Michel Van Der Bauwede becomes the successor to his father’s brand.
The first Van Der Bauwede boutique opens at 34, Rue Esquermoise, Lille.
Pierre Van Der Bauwede invents a new diamond cut christened the “VDB Diamond Cut”.
Maxence Van Der Bauwede takes over the company as the fourth scion of the family.
Maxence invents a new material made of high-tech ceramics combined with gold and laser-sculpted from silicates called Prescia.
The brand opens its first boutique in Geneva.
Van Der Bauwede officially launches the creation of a new diamond cut called the “VDB Diamond Cut”.
Rap Singer Usher and Maxence Van der Bauwede partner up to create and donate to the New Look Foundation.
Van Der Bauwede debuts its architectural concept of franchised Van Der Bauwede Genève working with specialised architect Frederic Legendre, founder of LEKONI SA