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The Eye of Jewelry’s absolute crush: Yvonne Léon

She got famous with her bee, recently launched her pineapple and every girl wants her arrow. Yvonne Léon beautifully mixes quirky elements with contemporary elegance, she intertwines with French finesse and traditional details for instant classics that captivate and dazzle…

The Eye of Jewelry’s absolute crush !

Hand-crafted with 18k gold and a striking variety of precious stones, Yvonne Léon brings to life jewellery that is a true embodiment of the refined European spirit and understanding for beauty and harmonic proportion. A passion for vintage dictates her love for antiques and her desire to reinvent traditional lines in a modern and exciting way.

Surrounded from an early age by beauty and jewellery techniques passed down from generation to generation – Yvonne’s quickly discovered in herself the love and need for continuing the artisan traditions of her family by venturing into the world of fine jewellery through the creation of her signature brand. The designer’s strong connection to her heritage shines through in the classic designs and ornate motifs that are beautifully revisited in a modern context.

From the signature collections that incorporate ferocious animal symbols in a variety of precious stones and yellow gold to stress the power and untameable female spirit to the subtler ones, which encapsulate the regal glamour and exuberance of the days of yore – Yvonne Léon goes to great lengths to revisit old concepts and make them fascinating and alluring once again.

The designer’s soft and delicate pieces beautifully convey her French heritage and inherent need to capture and display the finesse in every object. Her beautiful interpretation of the animal world is enchanting with the exquisite combination of pearls, diamonds, gold and silver. The gravity-defying effect of Yvonne’s compositions adds a certain charm to the ethereal pieces, quickly becoming her most signature trait.

Luminosity, elegance and finesse – these are the core qualities around which the brand’s ethos is built. The unique blend of traditional artisan techniques and modern reinterpretation of the designs produces discreet elegance that accentuates the best features of the ethereal jewellery.

Yvonne Léon
Bunny stud mounted on yellow gold with diamonds and ruby
Yvonne Léon
Mini Feuilletis necklace mounted on white gold with diamonds
Yvonne Léon
Ear jackets
Yvonne Léon
Bee ring mounted on yellow gold with white & black diamonds, pearls and ruby
Yvonne Léon launches her eponymous brand.