Aaron Jah Stone

In a private interview with Cyril Bismuth, the Eye of Jewelry spotted a cool kid from Paris who has been a stone lover since his young age. Worn by Karl Lagerfeld, spotted by Cara Delevingne and desired by Pharrell Williams, Aaron Jah Stone has yet to become the most-coveted brand jewelry fans will adore and adorn! Encounter the perfect balance between the stern allure of luxurious metals and the bohemian charm of bohemian aesthetics in a powerful blend of opposites.

Basic designs are re-imagined through the incorporation of exceptional aesthetic and finesse, likening jewelry to sculpted poetry in motion. Aaron Jah Stone reaches new peaks of subliminal perfection in making luxury more attainable than ever with Cyril Bismuth’s inspirational designs.

The lifeline of the brand is the bold, ecclectic and confident style that transpires in the precious stones used, the assembly, the creative shapes and the superb craftsmanship. Each piece tells an emotional story of bringing together powerful opposing principalities in energy, matter and shape. The spirit of Cyril’s never-ending travels and desire for adventures shines through in his exotic designs and dynamic compositions that entwine cultural, symbolical and contemporary elements.

The tangible qualities of the pieces are enhanced even further by the bohemian aesthetic that shines through in Cyril’s exceptional approach to stripping down everything elaborate to its essential basics. Spirituality and personal experience are two permeating motifs that can be seen throughout the brand’s collections with a strong bond with far-away and mesmerizing Asia. The end result is jewelry rooted in the past, but re-invented and placed within a modern context.

Aaron Jah Stone is a name that cannot be defined by a single style or a signature piece as its designer’s love for creative exploration continuously leads to new, bold, eclectically wonderful creations. Ethnic jewelry is the vital flow of the brand with different precious stones coming together with gold and silver ornaments in a decadent celebration of splendour and exuberance. Seeking out the best synergy between seemingly conflicting materials and shapes, Cyril manages to bring forth new, undiscovered and highly undervalued qualities of well-known precious stones and materials. Every piece is a promise of discovery, an emotion and escape from the clutches of modern conformity.

Karl Lagerfeld Aaron Jah Stone
Aaron Jah Stone
Aaron Jah Stone Dear Deer ring mounted on yellow gold with pink tourmaline and diamonds
Aaron Jah StoneDear Deer ring mounted on yellow gold with pink tourmaline and diamonds
Aaron Jah Stone Stingray bracelet
Aaron Jah StoneStingray bracelet
Aaron Jah Stone Zodiac bracelets
Aaron Jah StoneZodiac bracelets
Aaron Jah Stone Phenix earcuff
Aaron Jah StonePhenix earcuff
phoenix stud white gold white diamonds opal earring aaron jah stone
Aaron Jah StonePhoenix stud

Aaron Jah Stone

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Aaron Jah Stone, a soul giver!

From Tahitian pearls…to rubies or tourmalines each of them are unique and made upon Cyril Bismuth’s inspiration. Colorful and spiritual, it makes us travel around the world with something magic. In Egypt, Aaron means “Lion warrior” in Ethiopia Jah means…