Chains: jewels with character!

If like me you are an uncontested fan of mesh necklaces and bracelets, this article is for you! XXL links, American mesh, jaseron, horse, coffee bean, a selection of 13 pieces to offer or to be offered.

Author By Justine Dupont-Martin

Before unveiling our selection, let’s back up a little. As a reminder, we have to recall that chains became really popular in the 1970s. It was paired with iconic fashion pieces such as Lavallière collars:  a garment accessory similar to  a bow tie that can be worn on top of cardigans, velvet blouses, long and bohemian skirts.

In short, the neo-chic bourgeois style, a BCBG 70’s look, accessorized with jewelry of all types of chains, embodied by emblematic figures of the 20th century like Romy Schneider.

Romy Schneider
Long necklace from the 70’s in yellow gold – Collector Square

A little later, at the dawn of the 2000s, chains, often adorned with diamonds – just to set the spirit, made its comeback on the looks of the greatest rappers in history such as Pharrell Williams, 50 Cent, Kanye West or Tupac.

Pharrell Williams during the MTV music Awards in 2005 in Miami © Lawrence Lucier/FilmMagic
50 Cent

Mesh, is the must-have jewel to become an official fashionista! In white gold, yellow gold, silver, or the 3 combined, we love to wear them as a bracelet or necklace. It is THE ultimate piece that signs a rock, chic and glamorous look! Big mesh with vintage curves in the 80’s, or finer mesh for a feminine look. It’s up to you!

What are the most beautiful chains jewels this year? The answer with pictures!

Gourmette soft – Alexandra-Abramczyk
Mon Jeu bracelet – Vhernier
Menottes Dinh Van  R15 necklace
Bracelet VRAM Jewelry
Yellow gold and diamond necklace – Nancy Newberg
Gem Rocks Jewelry
14 carat gold necklace – Lauren Ruben Rubinski
Voltaire bracelet – Spinelli Kilcollin
G Chain necklace – Givenchy
Long two-tone chain #CH019 – BE8
Bracelet Unchained Silver – Statement
 Louis necklace – Isabelle Toledano
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