Alexandre Reza

French jeweler Alexandre Reza from Russian origins mainly uses the four precious stones including diamond, emeralds, sapphire and rubies to craft no more than 60 pieces a year. Unique jewels, for unique people …said to be the jeweler of the world for the rich, the famous, and the monarchy.

Mounted by skilful artisans in masterful settings, Alexandre Reza’s brand is a household name for remarkable gemstones incorporated in otherworldly creations that capture the essence of luxury and glamour. Some of the world’s rarest precious stones highlight the designer’s desire to remain unmatched in remaining the most renowned gem connoisseur in the world using mainly the four precious stones : ruby, diamond, sapphire and emerald.

The fine detailed craftsmanship of the pieces attains a new level of excellence and aesthetic sensibility that adds value to the colour, tone, and brilliance of each individual stone. At the core of the brand’s essence lies a strong philosophy of nurturing and bringing out the true, unaltered and innate beauty of Earth’s finest creations.  Alexandre Reza is renowned for his meticulous subjectivity and connoisseurship involved in the selection of finest specimens, which lead to the design of truly spectacular pieces.

Characterized by grace, volume and elegance are three concepts that are visible throughout Reza’s collections and part of the proud heritage of the brand that shaped its strong individuality. By experimenting with tradition and relying on centuries of expertise, Reza’s way of magnifying exceptional stones has led to the house becoming the very embodiment of high jewelry.

Staying in line with its own vision, but incorporating subtle contemporary influences has led the brand down a road of re-invention of its design, stone collecting and craftsmanship. The opulent and prominent jewels seduce high-class clientele with the unique quality of the pieces as well as their regal splendour. The charismatic personality of the gemstones conveys Reza’s sensitivity to beauty that he managed to relay in his creations.

Rare and vividly-coloured Ceylon sapphires, Brazilian emeralds, Burmese pearls and South-African diamonds adorn the collections and relay the subtle mastery of technical know-how behind Alexandre Reza’s lineage and inspired vision.

Described as probably being the first jeweler of the world for the rich and famous, as well as the monarchy Alexandre Reza loved to reconstitute historic jewels, most of the time taken from old paintings. For example : Caroline’s Bonaparte necklace that appears in The Marriage of Napoleon and Marie Louise de Georges Rouget (1811).

Alexandre Reza Turban Saphir ring mounted on white gold with diamonds baguette and blue sapphire
Alexandre RezaTurban Saphir ring mounted on white gold with diamonds baguette and blue sapphire
Alexandre Reza Lyhane ring mounted on pink gold with diamond and ruby
Alexandre RezaAlexandre Reza Lyhane ring mounted on pink gold with diamond and ruby
Alexandre Reza
Reza Corne d'abondance earrings diamonds pigeon blood rubies
Alexandre RezaCorne d'abondance earrings set on white gold and blackened white gold with diamonds and pigeon blood rubies
Reza Dune bracelet diamonds lasted and polished pink gold
Alexandre RezaDune bracelet set on sand blasted and polished pink gold with diamonds
alexandre reza dentelle necklace white gold yellow gold black gold emerald
Alexandre RezaDentelle necklace mounted on white, yellow and black gold with an emerald-cut Colombian emerald

Alexandre Reza

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Dune by Alexandre Reza, an ode to beauty

Alexandre Reza inaugurated their showroom inside the gallery of the Ritz hotel presenting the Dune cuff bracelet as their talking-piece during the Parisian Couture week.