Alezan by SK

Alezan the color-coat of her horse Penelope,  the beloved animal Salama Khalfan grew up with and in which she took inspiration to create her jewelry brand.  Based in Dubai, the jewelry designer explains that her collections are aimed for women with a strong sense of self, embodying  personal drive, ambition, passion, grace, beauty, and liberty…

Based in Dubai, born in Abu-Dhabi and in love with France  Salama Khalfan has made a name for herself amongst the latest jewelry designers to closely look at. She renovated a French castle to install her workshop and created her first jewelry collection inspired by Turkey thanks to her liberating vision and strong sense of individuality. Her never-ending interest in arts and crafts has continued throughout her childhood and adolescence and well into adulthood, becoming a second nature. Pursuing a career in jewelry-making was a logical choice for an artist whose mission is to use Earth’s most precious gifts to capture the elusive beauty of life.

Influenced strongly by horses and their innate grace- Penelope, her horse with Alezan coat inspires her for brand’s name which later enabled sophistication and liberty – Salama began designing pieces that embodied those very qualities and resonated with the powerful, untameable female spirit. The artist personally inspects and chooses each precious stone to achieve the signature finesse and timeless elegance of her pieces. Each collection echoes a different era in the cultural tradition of a country Salama has travelled to and been inspired by, such as the Artalana Collection, which honours the horses of the Ottoman Empire.

The generous use of white and yellow gold, bright diamonds in a variety of colours, rubies and other materials, such as rhodium create elegant and versatile pieces that are beautifully discreet and mesmerizing.  At the heart of Alezan by SK lies the designer’s passion for crafting antique-style jewelry, using modern methods to achieve a level of excellence that is difficult not to make an impression.

Arabic caligraphy, architecture and culture come together with Salama’s eternal love for horses and riding and become the driving force behind her decadent, delicate and elegant creations. Her talent for jewellery-making is only enhanced by her strong sense of freedom, desire to explore her creative boundaries and honour her rich cultural heritage.

Alezan by SK
Alezan by SK - Artalana empress falabella ring
Alezan by SKArtalana empress falabella ring
Alezan by SK - Artalana cavalry hand bracelet
Alezan by SKArtalana cavalry hand bracelet
Alezan by SK Shanhan string dancer pendant yellow gold colored stones
Alezan by SKShanhan string dancer pendant
Alezan by SK Shanhan string dancer bangle yellow gold colored stones
Alezan by SKShanhan string dancer bangle
Alezan by SK String dancer single motif pendant narcissus mounted on yellow gold
Alezan by SKString dancer single motif pendant narcissus mounted on yellow gold

Alezan by SK

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