Ambre Victoria Jewelry

Based in L.A., co-founder of the Walk-in-my-Closet, design director of the jeans brand Joe’s, as perfectionist as she is, Ambre Dahan does it all and does it well.  In 2014, the French designer launched Ambre Victoria, a modern jewelry line set with precious stones including XOXO rings, arrow bangles and stackable pieces.

She is hard to find, she does not have a website, and her pieces are rare and edgy. Although she is a new name on the Jewelry scene, French designer Ambre Dahan has already managed to attract a loyal client base, consisting of fashion-loving socialites, elite A-listers and famous celebrities.

Bold and contemporary, the young artist is influenced by natural geometry and modernism, breathing into her pieces a raw and earthy feel, with a minimal and classic design. A new and revolutionary approach towards the creation of concept-based pieces of jewelry, which touch upon a variety of different symbols.

Based out of L.A., Ambre Dahan becomes in 2010 the design director of her husband’s famous brand : Joe’s Jeans. In between developing the kids line for the brand and co-founding Walk-in My Closet – an online fashion platform sharing looks and catalogs with a possibility to buy and sell clothing and accessories on consignment and build editorial looks from personal pieces!

Amber Victoria’s jewelry collections are carefully crafted to ensure longevity and prosperity of the materials and precious gemstones used. It is their fragility and sublime delicacy that adds a certain ethereal quality to the compositions. Coming from a family with strong traditions in jewelry-making and goldsmithing allowed her to acquire the technical know-how necessary to execute her vision as well as grow and develop creatively as an artist.

Her line of bracelets, bangles, earrings, pendants and rings are characterized by an effortless sense of luxury with a modern, minimalistic appeal. The clean architectural aesthetic of the pieces is a vibrant re-invention of Amber French’s family’s rich heritage with a distinctly hip and modern sensibility.

The simple classic designs exude a timeless sense of style and enchanting grace. They are easy to wear, delicate and feminine. Above everything else, Amber Victoria by Ambre Dahan is about the fluidity and versatility of jewelry, which is something she strongly conveys through the infusion of movement and light in her compositions. Her pieces are about comfort, utility and subtle style – a truly valuable combination for a more down-to-earth brand.

Different combinations of silver, gold and precious metals are brought together in modern and organic designs to inspire and bewitch the confident, modern and unique woman. The one-of-a-kind charm of Ambre’s pieces makes them a favourite of many famous A-listers for their high quality and refined style.

Ambre Victoria Jewelry
Ambre Victoria JewelryBrazilian bangle mounted on rose gold with white diamonds
Ambre Victoria Xoxo ring mounted on white gold with white diamonds and rubies
Ambre Victoria JewelryXoxo ring mounted on white gold with white diamonds and rubies

Ambre Victoria Jewelry

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