Amelie Viaene

Flirting with architecture within her contemporary designs, French designer Amelie Viaene imagines modern pieces of jewelry baring in mind proportions and icons for her character pieces to stand out. A unique blend of superb Joaillerie iconography and romance.

Modern jewelry is re-imagined in a compelling and architecturally superb way through the creative look of Paris-jeweller Amélie Viaene. Her remarkable design is defined by clean lines, delicate proportions and French finesse.

Glamour and elegance shine through in her signature way of combining antique symbols with trendy elements and playful nods. Inspired by a constant pursuit of harmony, the designer immediately drew attention to the organic purity of her creations with the opening of her Paris studio in 2005. Since then she has grown and developed as an artist with her exceptional pieces relaying the sensitivity of the feminine nature alongside its mystique and allure. Four elements define every single design that Amélie fashions: identity, quality, rarity and emotion.

Having been exhibited as some of Paris’ finest galleries, the designer has been highlighted by fellow jewelry enthusiasts, magazines and online publications for her refinement and exceptional style. All of her unique pieces convey a story of emotional maturity and intimate experiences. The true magic of the art of jewelry is laid bare in Amélie’s original and striking creations.

The most emotional of possessions, her signature collections feature delicate rings with mesmerizing minimalistic concentrations. Loop, Hélice, Mon Coeur, Nikola are a celebration of symmetry and bold colors that relay the power of nature. Their soft, yet determining, features produce dynamic compositions of precious stones, yellow cold, silver and other materials. Hidden forms are emphasized by the power and lightness of clean lines and open spaces.

Amélie Viaene’s evocative pieces transmit a passion for precision, serenity and harmony. The seductive universe of precious stones and rare materials draws inspiration from the infinite sources of energy, light and form. The meticulous process of conception of each individual piece is a reflection of the finesse and precision that go into the making of the one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Amelie Viaene

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