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APM Monaco

Following a passion for affordable jewelry is all about indulging in trendy, timeless and sophisticated pieces that resonate with the feminine nature. APM has become an institution in costume jewelry looking like “real” joaillerie.

Created by Ariane Prette, the up-and-coming brand established itself as a go-to place for beautiful jewellery and designs that still remain surprisingly affordable without compromising quality or style. Low carat gold has never looked more fashionable and glamorous than in APM’s handcrafted creations that focus on clean forms and traditional shapes.

By introducing new pieces on a monthly basis, the brand has managed to stay relevant for over several decades, outshining some of the most renowned names in the industry with spirit and innovation. With a strong French influence shining through in the delicate and feminine jewels, the name APM has become synonymous for affordable chic and glamour that fits well in the context of the boho lifestyle of the modern woman.

Every one of their hand-crafted collections – Enigme, Festival, Ete, Art Deco, ADN and Edgy Galmour – are elegant and easy to wear, adding a little something extra to any outfit and suitable for every occasion. Functionality and fluidity flow through the design patterns of the brand, making for an ideal combination of beauty and utility – something highly praised in today’s fashion world.

The fashion-forward and sophisticated pieces come in a variety of designs – each focusing on a unique element that permeates the collection, adding a certain appeal to it. From minimalistic and ethereal to edgy and rock’n’roll – APM boldly experiments with materials and forms to capture and create every season’s statement look.

Beloved by many for the dazzling variety of choices of chic and trendy pieces that are also surprisingly affordable – APM continues to gain strength on the fashion and jewellery scenes with its strong pursuit of individuality and trendy vibe. A combination that is a real treat for the senses as well as the eyes.

APM Monaco

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