My sister is better than yours…

By fourth generation of diamond dealers in Anvers, Belgium- Audrey and Joelle Savransky are two sisters who share the same passion. The eldest, Audrey is based in Hong Kong and launched AS29 in 2008. Based in Israel, Joelle waited five more years to voice her jewelry talent under the brand Joelle Jewellery.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

AS29 by Audrey Savransky

When she first launched AS29, Audrey marketed her concept as the Diamond Remedy where the precious stone would be a cure to women. Audrey Savransky, a cheeky redhead believed with reason or insight that women don’t wear diamonds just on special occasions anymore. While she never leaves her rose diamond in a heart shape her grandfather gave her, she mainly sets black and white diamonds in her collections. A monochrome style sets her DNA. A few years back, she started introducing emeralds, sapphires and rainbow pavages within her bamboo collection for example. Her inspiration ? Baroque and antique jewelry she interprets with movements to give life to a jewel. Sleek, thin and feminine she even reached the extreme in collaborating for the second time with her long-time friend Emily Minchella – the French jewelry editor for l’ Officiel & co-founder of the cashmere brand Leetha. Together, they launch a super minimalistic collection setting baguette-cut diamonds juxtaposed as geometrical pyramids held by a golden chain. Only available on white gold.

Audrey Savransky AS29
Audrey Savransky
AS29 Trio hoops earrings 30 mm
AS29 – Trio hoops earrings 30 mm 
AS29 3 block microset ring
AS29 – 3 block microset ring
AS29 H double chain chocker
AS29 – H double chain chocker
AS29 Triangle bangle
AS29 – Triangle bangle

Joelle Jewellery by Joelle Savransky

If Joelle loves the antique and baroque styles as much as her sister does, she twists her collections with a rock modernity she takes her inspiration from Game of Thrones. A goddess transformed into a gladiator in a split second. When she launched her brand, Joelle wanted to offer a line of fine jewelry pieces at a lower price point setting precious stones- mainly diamonds, on silver and vermeil (a mix of silver plated with gold). A first collection she named Ma Petite Chérie (translated in English as ‘my little sweetheart’) meant to be an insight for mothers to give them the opportunity to buy a first diamond to their daughter. It was Joelle’s father who gave her on her 18th birthday her first diamond, a green pear shaped diamond she has been dreaming of since her 10th birthday. Savransky’s style has evolved over the years. By mixing diamonds with noble materials such as mother of pearl, coral or cultured pearls, it eventually became her signature. For this summer, Joelle just launched Summer Mood a collection set on vivid colors like talismans made of malachite, lapis lazuli, turquoise, cornaline or pink opal. Carved in the shape of what seems like a pennant, Joelle Savranksy enhances her summer collection with white opal beads surrounded by diamonds.

Joelle Savransky jewellery
Joelle Savransky
Joelle Jewellery ND 03 Necklace
Joelle Jewellery – ND 03 Necklace 
Joelle Jewellery ND05 Hoops
Joelle Jewellery – ND05 Hoops 
Joelle Jewellery ND04 necklace
Joelle Jewellery – ND04 necklace
Joelle Jewellery ND14 ring
Joelle Jewellery – ND14 ring

They live 7’750 kilometers apart but their style are complimentary. Audrey and Joelle Savransky form a twin duo of sisters who share the same sensitivity… no wonder they share a family.

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