Colette, the Parisian concept store & the jewelry designers: a serious love affair

Closing its doors on December 20th, 2017, the Parisian concept-store built its 20-years reputation on a careful curation of iconic houses and young labels in a variety of industries. As a matter of fact, Colette has been a terrific springboard for many talents helping them to emerge as a new generation of jewelry designers.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

From Aurélie Bidderman to Nadine Ghosn, many fashionistas have traveled the world to pass by the cornered boutique on Rue Saint-Honoré to check out what was THE new thing to own, check out, buy, post, tag, send and share in terms of fashion, electronics and jewelry.

Since its opening on March 1997, the concept store aims to reinvent the concept of retail, only trusting the visionary flair of its founder Colette Rousseaux and her daughter, Sarah Andelman.

Jewelry is no exception to this new kind of experience. Exclusivities, pre-releases, limited editions, all the innovative designers have passed by Colette. For those who have not, they made many dreams about it. And if their dream had not come true, it is unfortunately too late.

Not a single Parisian can forget about French jeweler Aurélie Bidermann, the queen of bohemian chic, who made her debut at Colette, selling her first bangles and liberty bracelet made of a cotton thread with a mother-of-pearl carved animal. It marked the beginning of a long-term partnership and an unexpected boost for the parisian-born brand who has refreshed jewelry’s trends with her colorful creations.

Following her father’s footsteps, the French jeweler Bernard Delettrez, Delfina couldn’t make a better choice than choosing Colette for the launch of her first collection in October 2007. Fashion runs in the Fendi’s fourth-generation heiress and success was immediate with her original pieces inspired from surrealism (like her signature eye rings) and the natural world.

Aurélie Bidermann Liberty bracelet made of a cotton thread
Aurélie Bidermann – Liberty bracelet made of a cotton thread 
Delfina Delettrez Portrait collection eye rings
Delfina Delettrez – Portrait collection eye rings

The concept boutique also host young labels every jewelry lovers should know such as AS29 or KOVA, the brand founded by Katie Kova. The London-based designer offers a line of fine jewelry collection, hinged on clean, geometric lines, remotely inspired by the Supremacist movement.

Last but not least, it is under the lights of Colette that Nadine Ghosn has launched earlier this year her second line. The 28 year-old Stanford University graduate won a double award at the Las Vegas Couture Show for her burger ring made of 9 stacking bands. Inspired by her childhood in Japan, the Lebanese designer offers playful pieces such as Edamame earrings or a Maki pendant. It is no surprise that her witty and humoristic pieces have caught the eye of the trendiest store in the world. For Colette, she designed Daruma, a set of rings featuring what seems to be a helmet paved with rubies or sapphires. Interchangeable, the “I Do/Did” ring, locket ring and necklace made of white gold with black and white diamonds will be the last jewelry collaboration unveiled by the concept store… as a witty fashion goodbye message: “I did, and I still do love Colette” !

Hurry up to pay a visit at Colette located 233 rue Saint-Honoré, the countdown has started! And don’t worry… The Eye of Jewelry will soon share insights on who will be the next Colette when it comes to jewelry!

AS29 Spine chocker mounted on black gold with blue sapphires
AS29 – Spine chocker mounted on black gold with blue sapphires
Kova Earring mounted on black gold set with black diamonds
Kova – Earring mounted on black gold set with black diamonds
Nadine Ghosn Burger Ring gold diamonds
Nadine Ghosn – Burger Ring
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