Atelier VM

The Italian brand delights us with its exquisite creations that seems effortlessly born from the creative ideas of its founders.

Founded by Marta Caffarelli and Viola Naj Oleari in 1998, Atelier VM is the brainchild of long-time friends that are moved by a strong passion for design and work of metal. The Italian designers consider their workshop as an alchemical space where metals and stones are transformed into something magical, spiritual and eternal.
For them, jewelry means so much more than a material gift, it is something you grow with and absorb your experiences while taking the form of our bodies as you wear them.

Marta and Viola have made themselves known with their “Essenziale” collection that features 18kt gold bracelets that are laser welded directly onto the wrist, as a versatile symbol of love that celebrates the union in all its variations. With Essenziale, Atelier VM is offering a new kind of jewelry experience where the customer is directly involved in the creation of his bracelet, making the final result even more special.

Art in all its forms as well as Mother nature are the main sources of inspiration of Atelier VM. Maria and Viola have conceived a series of animal rings such as the Angelo gold ring that depicts a snake embellished with diamond and ruby or in a more whimsical version, the Bambi ring which has been inspired by a toy of one of Marta’s daughters.
Atelier VM is not only an extension of their reliable and playful friendship, it embodies their creative spirit and their love for audacious combinations of sleek lines and colored stones. Indeed, the Milan-based label showcases both costume jewelry and fine jewelry pieces that perfectly match each other to better express the wearer’s feeling.
Their pink little workshop located via Correnti is our go-to for delicate gold-plated chains set with colored diamonds or witty rings to stack on your fingers. Definitely the kind of jewels that is worth planning a trip to Milan!

Viola and Marta founders of Atelier VM
Atelier VM
Atelier VM
Atelier VM"L'Essenziale" bracelet mounted on 18k yellow gold
Atelier VMAngelo Ring mounted on 9k gold with diamond and rubies
Atelier VMBambi ring on silver
Atelier VM
Atelier VM"Collana Un Filo Di Luce" necklace mounted on 18k gold with diamonds

Atelier VM

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