Discover the BenGem’s stud revolution!

Comprised of 6 studs and 5 paved disks, the asymetrical earring set imagined by BenGems’s allows a full customization according to a woman’s style and desire. On her own, she can mix and match the colors of her earrings, adorned with precious and semi-precious stones only.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

Benjamin Mizrahi, founder of Ben Gems is a master of stones. He knows and adores them. His superior knowledge combined to his crafting skills have allowed him to masterfully play with each individual piece, confidently expanding on its full potential.

Benjamin Mizrahi’s ability to showcase the merits of “his” stones is unparalleled. He knows all their secrets – where they come from, why they are exceptional and how they will give of their best, it may be the reason why he is able to create jewelry pieces without boundaries.

Presented within a custom-made jewelry box, the BenGems’ asymetrical studs offer a variety of combinations for you to choose.

The set comprises 6 different studs including 2 diamonds, one blue sapphire, one pink sapphire, one brown sapphire and one tsavorite to be assembled with paved discs and which can be mixed and matched for one-of-a-kind combinations. Two diamond paved discs can adorn the diamond studs for a neutral and total look but a disc paved with pink sapphires on one side and blue sapphires on the other can be a cool option too!

BenGems stones studs

Anyone can participate in the making of their own jewelry and explore their creativity to the full. Since jewelry is about self-expression and individuality – what better way to write your own story than this!

Creating fully customizable pieces in this day and age when trends are everything is a daring move – one that BenGems does not take lightly. Yet, somehow he managed to pull it off. With Nature’s most precious stones being the centre of all of his creations – the talented artisan takes things one step further in giving his clients full creative freedom in putting together their own jewelry. Bold? Yes. Visionary? Without a doubt! Fun? Absolutely.

The Ben Gems’ stud set is available exclusively at The Eye of Jewelry pop up store located at the Grand Hotel Kempinski located Quai du Montblanc 19, 1201 Geneva. Open everyday from 3 p.m. until 8.30 p.m. during the summer.

Ban Gem stones studs white gold

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