BenGems masters the Art of Relooking Jewelry -what does it actually mean?

Remodeling a piece of jewelry to make it as relevant today as it was a few decades ago requires a certain level of expertise and craftsmanship. One that Ben Gems based in Geneva has proven they possess. Discover how can you relook a piece of jewelry and why should you do it!

Author By Eleonor picciotto

Considering the meticulous work that goes into the restyling of a beloved piece is nothing but a challenge to make it sparkle again as it was brand new. From vintage brooches transformed into statement necklaces to plain rings transformed into dazzling pieces… Ben Gems’s relooking style makes quite a selection for any wanted jewelry box.

Benjamin Mizrahi’s creativity and passion for revamping old pieces are his unending sources of inspiration. Renewing the sparkle and radiance to a stone and its setting are his priority in the process of relooking. Replacing lost stones or recovering stones to place them in modern creations proves that the most sensual and exciting pieces are the ones with history. If the brilliance may fade with time (and later be restored) memories last a lifetime; whispering stories of sweet heartache and unspoken desires.

Every piece laying around in a drawer is worth a second look! With the BenGems hallmark in addition to the fineness of precious metals and stones – long-forgotten treasures sparkle with renewed zest and charm on any woman. Considering that feminine nature is about reinvention in constant change and transformation, as a certified stone-dealer Benjamin Mizrahi has managed to build his brand based on passion and quality to create pieces fitting each and every wearers’ spirit.

There is an undeniable feeling of sophistication and treasured value in family heirlooms, even if they are not as fashionable as we wish they were. Thanks to superior artisan skills and careful restoration techniques, BenGems makes the journey to get something with sentimental value  into something highly wearable finally possible.

Benjamin Mizrahi’s knowledge, talent and overflowing enthusiasm in dusting off treasured heirlooms and breathing life into them to become modern statement pieces is inspiring. His talent and efforts allow his brand to grow in developing custom-made pieces and branded jewelry collections, perfectly synchronized with each and every individual’s taste and desires…

To top-it-off, he presents to each client a piece jewelry with a story they help co-write.

A selection of BenGems pieces is available at The Eye of Jewelry Pop Up Store in Geneva located at the Grand Kempinski Hotel, Quai du Montblanc 19. Open everyday through-out the summer. 

Ring diamonds before after

Ring before after bengems colored diamonds

Ring before after bengems yellow gold

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