BONNET, Swiss designer-creator forever enchants generations with jewelry inspired by round-the-world discoveries and travel. Incredibly-exclusive pieces, fashioned in keeping with traditional jewelry craftsmanship, shaking up styles and exciting the imagination. The finesse of a jewel sparking emotion in women and men.

Craftsmanship, a perfect legacy

The history of this family of jewelers, formerly known as “La Maison BONNET”, began in Chaux-de-Fonds, the cradle of the Swiss watchmaking industry. A family-run business, created in 1895, whose name has forever been linked to achieving excellence. And rightly so, as its founder, Joseph Bonnet, was an outstanding specialist of jewelry pieces. A trained jeweler-stone-setter and teacher at the Chaux-de-Fonds Art School, this business creator infused his eponymous brand with his infinite talent and ambition. The creations forged by the maestro would rapidly charm a discerning clientele which would become his best ambassador. A globetrotter at heart, Joseph would set off with his jeweler’s trunks to unveil his creations abroad, in particular in Spain and Tsarist Russia.

When the second generation, represented by Henri and Joseph, arrived in 1927, BONNET started specializing in creating Bauhaus period-inspired jewelry. Statement pieces which would boost the firm’s reputation even more.

A spirit for discovery

1957 marked a turning point in BONNET’s history. Henri, the creative, adventuresome lifeblood of the firm, headed off on an expedition to Brazil where he discovered the mines of precious stones. A journey deemed ever-so ambitious and dangerous at the time. Dazzled by the quality and exquisiteness of these South American gems, Henri went back and forth constantly to develop BONNET’s private collection. Rumor has it that this selection, which features diamonds, emeralds and aquamarines, is one of Switzerland’s most magnificent collections.

When Eric Bonnet, designer and gemologist, took over the reins of the family business, his heart was set on enriching the firm’s collections. Ever since, he has been drawing his inspiration from his numerous around-the-world trips to create new collections focusing on travel and nature, such as GEA and TOTEM launched in 1985, which embrace ethnic influences, and which would be an instant success for BONNET thanks to the jewelry’s singular design and originality. A myriad of inspirations fashioning BONNET’s style down through the decades, making these collections incomparably unique.

Jewels of Journeys

In 2008, Marie-Laure, a qualified designer, joined the family business. She introduced the notion of “Jewels of Journeys”, pieces inspired by nearby and faraway destinations, where BONNET shakes up styles and whisks us off on a voyage to unknown realms. Dreamscapes where we stop off in Amazonia, join migratory birds on their route, or head to the heights, reaching for the sky on a mountain ridge. A fantastic jewelry escape where elegance and refinement reign supreme. Forever pursuing that pure style characteristic of BONNET, forever true to its craftsmanship and creativity.

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Bonnet's Team
Amazonia earrings mounted on rose gold
BonnetAmazonia earrings mounted on rose gold
Bird bracelet mounted on grey gold set with diamonds
BonnetBird bracelet mounted on grey gold set with diamonds
Bonnet"Feu" ring from Géa collection mounted on grey gold
Bonnet"Corne" diamond necklace mounted on 18ct yellow gold set with diamonds
Altitude ring mounted on rose gold set with diamonds
BonnetAltitude ring mounted on rose gold set with diamonds

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