Bleu de Jodhpur is Boucheron latest High Jewelry Collection

For the News Report section of the U.S. Magazine Haute-Time, The Eye of Jewelry presents BLEU DE JODHPUR, the latest high jewelry collection of the French jeweler Boucheron.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

Over the years, Boucheron and India grew a close relationship blending culture, jewels, architecture and beliefs.

Blue de Jodhpur is an exclusive collection of 105 pieces is the result of the collaboration between Boucheron’s creative director Claire Choisne and the Maharajah of Jodhpur. Following his Majesty’s wishes, the new high jewelry collection comprises of an array of unorthodox materials, such as sand and marble that are blended in style with pearls, diamonds and sapphires for the ultimate celebration of flamboyance and luxurious indulgence.

Divided in four distinctive chapters – each one centers around a unique concept and incorporates intricate motifs that are easily recognizable.

Chapter One, entitled Jodhpur consists of art-deco designs that are romantic and emblematic of the Indian culture. Boucheron takes upon two emblematic features of the city: the blue facades of the houses and illuminating light of the city translated by highly coloured sapphires and diamonds to echo the abundance and captivating spirit of the city. The epitome of the chapter’s collection is the 450gm Jodhpur Reversible Necklace with a 6.01 carat diamond in the center and boasting Makrana marble, the most famous and precious marble in the world used to build the iconic Taj Mahal.

Chapter Two is a tribute to Nagaur – a town erected in the midst of the Indian desert echoeing the glory of long-gone centuries of splendor and regal majesty. The Nagaur Talisman necklace consists of seven rows of Japanese pearls fitted on silk thread with a crystal motif filled with sand from the Thar desert and surrounded by a two-carat cushion-cut diamond. This truly spectacular piece can be worn in three distinctive ways attaching or detaching the center part and the tassle.

Another fascinating jewel is the Plume de Paon- the first necklace made without a clasp and designed after the national bird of India : the peacock with its flamboyant beauty which has been an infinite source of inspiration for years.

Boucheron JODHPUR The Maison’s first entirely reversible necklace, the Jodhpur necklace is a contemporary rendering of the Indian city’s play of white and blue light

MEHNDI The Mehndi set celebrates the elegance, delicacy and legendary beauty of the Rajput woman. The Mehndi jewelry set has been created in the purest jewelry tradition. The delicate openwork motifs are finely put together for an airy result where the metal seems to disappear. Boucheron

Chapter Three entitled Garden and Cosmos is loyal to Boucheron’s iconic bestiary in an animal-inspired collection bringing together elements from the creation of the cosmos, life’s abundance and the cosmic mistery. The Fleur de Lotus necklace is a delicate blend of flora and fauna with a 15 carat pink tourmaline in the shape of a kite surrounded by rubellites and orange spessartite garnets… imitating the ethereal and transluscent beauty of the lotus flower petals.

The last chapter of the collection, the Maharani – is a tribute to Indian women and their strenght and exotic femininity. Festive Mehndi symbols common in weddings have inspired the intricate and highly-ornate designs of the pieces in this collection. Agenerously-adorned diamond brooch can be converted into a necklace, continuing the Boucheron tradition of multi-wear jewelry.

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