Paris, Vu du 26, the most stunning pieces of jewelry spotted at Boucheron

Boucheron Collier crystal

With Paris, Vu du 26, the Parisian House of Boucheron delivers a bold interpretation of the City of Light, through a series of unprecedented jewelry creations. Merging architectural magnitude and fantasy proportions, Paris reveals its new look. A review of the landmark pieces in the collection.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

Verrière Necklace

The first stop in this Parisian chapter offers a perspective on the overall architecture of the Grand Palais, a monument that loosely inspired the House of Boucheron to create this magnificent two-tone necklace. While the pavé diamond bar pin in the middle represents the building seen from the sky, the hand-blown glass dome bejeweled with emerald beads plunges us into a solarium that suddenly teems with lush greenery. A Paris that has been transported to tropical latitudes.

Boucheron - Sautoir Verrière serti de billes d'émeraudes pavé de diamants
Boucheron – Necklace Verrière set with emerald beads paved with diamonds

NURI Earrings

As if having just flown this fantasy garden, a parrot flaunts its flamboyant feathers, adorning a pair of asymmetrical titanium earrings. Lighter than gold, titanium easily accommodates an extensive array of gems including heliodorus beryl, multicolored sapphires and white diamonds.

Boucheron - Motifs d'oreilles Nuri sertis d'une aigue marine taille poire de 132ct, d'un berly jaune taille poire de 155ct, de saphirs multicolores et de tsavorites
Butcheron – Nuri earrings set with a 132ct pear-size aquamarine, 155ct pear-size yellow berly, multicolored sapphires and tsavorites

Pavés de Cristal Necklace

Through the windows of 26, the Place Vendôme is revealed in reflections of light. Just after a shower from the heavens, the pavé crystals are bathed in shades of soft white, recreated in a sparkling palette featuring round diamonds, baguette diamonds and frosted pavé crystals. And, in the purest tradition of flexible wear, the monochromatic necklace is further embellished with 2.68 carat pear diamond that is detachable.

Boucheron - Pavés de Cristal collier serti d'un diamant poire, de diamants baguette et de cristal de roche, pavé de diamants, sur or blanc
Boucheron – Crystal Necklace Pavés set with a pear diamond, baguette diamonds and rock crystal, paved with diamonds, on white gold

Signature Double Ring

While the design of the Place Vendôme can be quite easily confused with that of the House of Boucheron logo, this signature double ring pays exclusive tribute to the emerald cut. Designed to be worn horizontally around two fingers, the ring brandishes a yellow beryl highlighted with pavé diamond and onyx borders to boost the contrast.

Boucheron - Bague Duo taille émeraude sertie d'un béryl héliodore de 31,03 ct et d'onyx, pavée de diamants avec laque noir, sur or blanc
Boucheron – Emerald cut Duo ring set with 31.03 ct heliodorous beryl and onyx, paved with diamonds and black lacquer, on white gold

26 V Necklace

Dubbed with the very code name of the Boucheron family house, this necklace stands out for its distinctive look and the center stone adorning it. Demonstrating the bold creative touch of Frédéric Boucheron himself, the house again pushes the boundaries by unveiling a first, in the most spellbinding stone ever. An absolute technical coup, pairing onyx, rock crystal and white agate, this 3D inlay piece boasts an impressive amount of depth.

Boucheron - 26V sautoir serti d'un diamant rond, d'onyx, de crystal de roche et de cacholong, pavé de diamants, sur or blanc
Butcher – 26V necklace set with a round diamond, onyx, rock crystal and cacholong, paved with diamonds, on white gold
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