When Boucheron adorns a Ballerina from the Grand Opera de Paris

Felicie is the heroine of Ballerina, the new animated movie released earlier this year in partnership with Boucheron. It is the story of an oprhan girl who dreams of becoming a ballet dancer. She escapes her British countryside to land into the streets of Paris where she manages to get into the iconic Opera House to step into someone else’s position of pupil.  Adorned with the Ombelles tiara from the jewelry house marks the symbol of an accomplishment for the little girl whose dream is to become a Ballerina. Throughout the movie, it appearas that Boucheron also adorns others characters with pieces of the collections Quatre & Serpent Bohème.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

Boucheron Félicie and Rosita
Boucheron – Félicie and Rosita
Boucheron Rosita
Boucheron – Rosita
Boucheron Ombelles Tiara
Boucheron – Ombelles Tiara
Boucheron Félicie
Boucheron – Félicie
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