Boucheron celebrates 160 years with Vendôrama, an immersive exhibition that hits the traditional codes of fashion retrospective

Boucheron Vendorama

Held this January at La Monnaie de Paris, the exhibition Vendôrama has been a huge success for the Jewelry House. The show lasted 2 weeks and was full every single day due the way they made the visitors interact.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

The first contemporary jeweler has started the new year with an anniversary exhibition entitled “Vendôrama” which refers to the stunning panorama of the Place Vendôme, where Frédéric Boucheron moved the family jewelry business in 1893.

Considering that the Boucheron iconic flagship is held under renovations, the jewelry house decided to organize an exhibition about the brand but not as a historical restrospective.

Mixing modern architecture – the exhibition took place inside La Monnaie de Paris inside a steel framed tent specially built for the event. It required a special format in order to integrate the necessary digital innovations that Vendôrama required to reach the millennial audience that all the luxury houses, and now jewelers dream to engage.

Right at the entrance, you were drawn into Frederic Boucheron’s library from which you could discover the Serpent Bohème collection showcased amongst the shelves. The Boucheron team asked the graffiti artist Noé to revisit the House’ signature codes within a street art vision that creates a unique atmosphere from the second you enter. Guests were then invited to download the Vendôrama app to experience a special tour with Wladimir, the legendary black cat brought back to life in 3D motion. Wladimir really did exist back in the seventies, it often appeared on ad campaigns. His role in the exhibition was to tell anecdotes about the brand and Boucheron’s stunning collection of archives which celebrate all the know-how and creativity of the jeweler.

Between iconic pieces and new additions, visitors glanced at the amazing stones collection show in a laboratory-like display before trying to gouache a digital painting. Craftsmanship hasn’t been forgotten with a virtual workshop focusing on the know-how of Boucheron’s goldsmiths and gemsetters. On the way out, visitors could experience the Vendôrama 360° video putting them in the center of a dome with a succession of cameras that would take almost instantaneously dozens of images that would build a short motion.

With its immersive journey that reconcile past, present and future, Boucheron outlines that its history is strongly liked to innovation and creativity. Most of all, the jeweler succeeds in inviting its millennials visitors to experience by themselves the ownership of luxury goods.

An initiative that would surely been validate by the House’s visionary founder, Frédéric Boucheron. Just one word: Bravo!

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