High-Jewerly: Holography by Boucheron, an ode to the ephemeral beauty

The Boucheron workshops, led by Claire Choisne unveiled Holography: a new figure of style on the theme of light and the emotions it arouses. A collection on the border between mirage and reality.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

Necklace set with a 20.21 carat octagonal Ceylon yellow sapphire and holographic rock crystal, paved with diamonds, on white gold

Season after season, Claire Choisne, Director of Boucheron Creations, imposes her style. After capturing the moving beauty of the sky, she has chosen to dedicate this new chapter of Haute Joaillerie to light. More than ever, the time is ripe for daring and limitless creation. How could it be otherwise to capture these suspended moments, where beams of light create illusion? Shouldn’t we extract ourselves from reality to seek out the extraordinary?

Trio of rings including a ring set with a dark opal pear cabochon of Australia of 10.3 ct, a ring set with a black opal oval cabochon of Australia of 30.98 ct and a ring set with a white opal pear cabochon of Ethiopia of 50.95 ct

Holography is an ode to light and all its chromatic nuances. Rather than choosing one, Claire Choisne has chosen to sublimate them all. The ones that exist in nature, and that we find in this bouquet of rings set with opals from Australia and Ethiopia, whose pearly, pinkish or blue-green nuances are reinforced by a trompe-l’oeil setting set with a gradation of multicolored stones. Others seem to come straight out of a dream world, where magic has taken over. This is the case of the white ceramic flowers on which a mixture of microparticles of precious metals has been projected at high temperature to give birth to “holographic coating, which offers a unique playground. With holography, Claire Choisne seems to deliver a manifesto of free creation, where each gesture must oscillate between rigor and letting go to arrive at this moment of magic, where the result is beyond expectations, and the beauty, even more striking.

Necklace set with an oval Ethiopian white opal cabochon of 71,69 ct, a pear Ethiopian white opal cabochon of 46,91 ct and opal beads for a total caratage of 1518,78 ct, with lacquer, on rose gold
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