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Jacob & Co.

Jacob & Co. is all about enchanting gemology and mechanical wizardry.

Behind every great brand stands a stalwart individual. In 1979 at age 14, Jacob Arabo came to America from Uzbekistan with his parents. He was always curious about his family’s heirloom jewelry and timepieces. He endured American public schools until enrolling in a six-month jewelry course and an apprenticeship – he completed in four months.

At 17, he set up a small shop in New York’s diamond district. Jacob’s designs soon caught the attention of the music world, notably rap and hip-hop artists. Less than two decades later,  Jacob & Co. was known for providing watches and astounding pieces of jewelry to musical artists, rap singers, National Basketball Association players, and other jet-set celebrities such as the Beckam’s. His celebrity clients began calling him “Jacob the Jeweler” and his name and his products became legendary in pop culture and music.

As word of his art spread to the international set, Jacob & Co. began opening shops at over a dozen locations around the globe, from Monaco to Las Vegas, from London to Qatar, to a few.

A global success story, Jacob Arabo attracted the attention of international authorities. Charges involving money-laundering were eventually dropped. Other charges required jail time of two-and-a-half years and a substantial fine. Jacob paid his debt and jumped right back into the international jewelry and timepiece scene; humbled, lesson-learned, but eager to retake his place – and he did.

The Jacob & Co. high-jewelry collection offers singularly rare and exceptional stones. Jacob the Jeweler, working with these fine materials, has made custom work one of the firm’s biggest strengths. The company’s fine jewelry collection includes Jacob’s Plume earrings, that match the allure of bird feathers, and the whimsical Captive Love Cuff. The men’s jewelry collection offers dynamic and trend-setting bracelets, rings, cuff links, and stick pins. The bridal collection holds a broad selection for men and women. Custom work is available for fine wedding jewelry as well.

Also called The Master of World Time, Jacob & Co.’s ingenious timepieces and opulent jewelry watches feature perfectly selected and set stones, a hallmark of the brand. Though it has broken the outer limits with many of its timepiece offerings, the Astronomia Tourbillon is a truly unique timepiece – its spinning Earth and diamond Moon capture the movement of time and the heavens on the wrist.

Jacob & Co. ably offers something for everyone. For instance, the accessories collection includes diamond dice, a baby spoon, and a bejeweled peacock clutch purse. With a unique talent for creating designs that are innovative and spectacular, Jacob & Co. has grown into one of the most inspirational and luxurious brands in the haute timepiece and jewelry industry.

Jacob & Co.
Jacob & Co.
Jacob & Co.
Jacob & Co.

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