Bvlgari presents Giardini Italiani, the latest high jewelry collection of the Italian house

The cocktail party Bvlgari organized at their Georges V boutique early July in Paris for the launch of the Giardini Italiani high jewelry collection was a mix of sparkle, stunning and glamour.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

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During the Parisian Haute Couture week, high jewelry houses benefit from the press, important clients, models and celebrities attendance to attract attention presenting exquisite and unique jewelry pieces… or what will become masterpieces.

Bvlgari managed to gather them all in one place, for one evening where the CEO, Jean-Christophe Babin welcomed his 300+ guests on the step and repeat of the store for an emblematic photo remembering the Wow evening, where paparazzis, photographers and onlookers tried to spot the inside buzz from the outside.

American actresses such as Amber Heard and Michelle Rodriguez both wearing black gowns and red lipstick were Bvlgari adorned to sublime their style. French actress and brand ambassador Juliette Binoche as long with Princesses Clotilde Coureau and Lilly zu Sayn Wittgenstein Berleburgwere were part of the attendees such as the Spanish models Jon Kortajarena and Nievez Alvarez.

Inspired by the Italian gardens of the Renaissance at the time where artists were just about to start transforming nature into creation. The Giardini Italiani Collection pays tribute to architects, sculptors and painters who were using nature elements as their main inspiration incorporating color hues of water fountains, flower colors, statues and bushes to express the geometrical shapes, fragility and magic of the elements as an eternal dialogue between art and nature.

The new Bvlgari High Jewelry collection Giardini Italiani comprises 100 uniques pieces where some were presented in a fashion trunk show during the cocktail, with models walking around the store wearing the jaw-dropping pieces of the Italian house.

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