Is Bvlgari considered a good, responsible and reputable brand?

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Bvlgari was founded over 130 years ago in 1884. From that very moment, they became known as a well-respected Italian jewelry brand. This has not changed in the intervening years, as their position as a much-loved brand has remained in place. Their use of luxurious colored stones made them stand out among the competition, although of course this went along with their fine quality and attention to detail in everything they did.

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From those early days, the Bvlgari brand branched out into fragrances. Today, women can avail themselves of Goldea, Splendida Bvlgari, and Omnia. Men can enjoy Bvlgari Man, Aqva, and The Classics. We can also add toiletries and candles to their collection of perfumes and colognes, many of which use their iconic tea fragrances that started out with the most popular version which happened to be green tea prior to offering white, red and blue tea. This is yet another example of how Bvlgari stands out among the rest.

Bvlgari Bag Divas' dream flap cover in vulcano opal smooth and shiny grain calf leather
Bvlgari – Flap Cover ” Divas’ Dream”

From there, the company launched a line of accessories to further their brand and reach out into new areas that would appeal to the same loyal clientele, not to mention attracting newcomers to the Bvlgari brand. Totes, sunglasses, and scarves are among the refined products available. Many of these are connected to an established range. For example, there are sunglasses for the Divas’ Dream and Serpenti ranges. Meanwhile, the Serpenti Forever range includes genuine leather handbags and clutches, while Divas’ Dream contains such delights as the Urban Love bags in assorted colorways. In this way, those who already possess jewelry pieces can now purchase accessories and fragrances that have a strong connection with them.

Bvlgari Serpenteyes Power-ip' cat-eye acetate frame with round lenses
Bvlgari – Serpenteyes Power-up

When it comes to the Bvlgari hotels, resorts, and residences are also available for people to experience around the world. From Milan to London, Bali to Beijing, there are already several locations to explore. Shanghai is set to join these in 2018, with Moscow following two years later in 2020. The Bulgari Hotels & Resorts experience includes an Italian restaurant and bar, which ties in with the company’s Italian roots, DNA and glamour. Sustainable luxury has been built as part of the brand, which appeals to high society and offers a luxurious experience for those who wish to enjoy Bulgari in a new way.

Bvlgari Hotels Bali Villa
Bvlgari – The Bvlgari Villa in Bali
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