It seems that the heard-shaped jewelry is everywhere ! Over the year with ‘our eye of jewelry” we’ve been able to spot the trends for 2024 and just for you dear readers ..

Hearts are one of this year’s trends. Long seen as ‘old-fashioned’, hearts are back with in original designs as shimmering pendants, statement earrings and many more that can be incorporated to any outfit for any occasion!  Our editorial team selected some of our favorite best heart-shaped jewelry (non-cheesy we promise..) from the best jewelry brands that every women want to wear ! 

Author By Teoj

Afago Shaker Diamond & Ruby rings – MORITZ GLIK
Gli Amanti Mini Tarot Necklace – SORELLINA
Rainbow Pavé Cuore Pendant – CAROLINA BUCCI
Luxe Cupid’s Arrow Earrings – RACHEL QUINN
Key to my heart earrings – MISH FINE JEWELRY
4.10 carat heart shape diamond pendant – JESSICA McCORMACK
Mila Heart, enamel and diamonds – JOANNA DAHDAH
One of a Kind True Love Earrings – IRENE NEUWIRTH
Heart earrings – M. SPALTEN
Heart Signet ring – YVONNE LÉON
Odette heart studs – EMILY P WHEELER
Large Lapis Pearl Turquoise Inlay Eye Burst Heart – JACQUIE AICHE
Anahata Necklace (Opal mosaic) – VENYX
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