3 things you need to know about Clash, Cartier’s new jewellery signature

Cartier Nouvelle Collection Clash collier et bague portés par l'actrice Kaya Scodelario

The new collection unveiled by Cartier in early April has already grabbed everyone’s attention. The Eye of Jewelry reveals the secrets behind its success to you.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

Clash shakes up the brand’s aesthetic heritage

Clash is fuelled by Cartier’s classic style and inspired by iconic pieces that have made their mark on the brand’s history (Juste Un Clou, Love etc.) to create its own signature look. With beads, balls and square studs, the geometric design may not be new but Clash has given it a refreshing update. Result? Jewellery that strips design back to the best: discerning proportions, fluid lines and the right amount of modern style.

Cartier - Clash bracelets
Cartier – Clash bracelets

Jewellery showcased by Cartier’s expertise

Clean lines, tight links, Clash’s design creates jewellery that strikes the perfect balance. Now, how do you adapt the concept when you need to put different shapes all together? You ask the best jewellers to bring the painstakingly precise design to life to magnetise forces and bring the beads together yet let them move freely. The sophistication of the assembly sinks into the background to make the notched mesh’s smooth flow the star of the show.

Clash by Cartier, a two-sided jewellery design

Whilst its curvy edges face off with the mesh’s skittish weave, its pure design contrasts with the sharp geometric shapes. So is Clash classic or eccentric? Geometric or feminine? There’s no point trying to label it, Clash is in a league of its own like any jewellery that makes opposites work together. Clash is a sort of “tightrope walker of style” as the brand describes itself. A future classic that we’ve set our sights on.

Cartier - Clash rings
Cartier – Clash rings
Cartier - Clash necklace
Cartier – Clash necklace
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