Over 1 million of Trinity pieces sold by Cartier – time discover why ?

Since 1924, the Trinity collection became a must in the iconic pieces of a Cartier Collection. Rose gold for love, yellow gold for loyalty and grey gold for friendship. Over a million Trinity rings have been sold in the world- time to discover why.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

In 1924, visionary Louis Cartier created a ring. Poet Jean Cocteau made it his own. Having met in a hospital during the War, Cocteau and Cartier remained friends ever since. The poet asked him to create a Saturnian piece he wore at his pinky and kept offering years after years to his friends and lover.What was later refered in the U.S. as the Trinity collection:  three bands in three types of gold harmoniously interwound marked the birth of a timeless designed jewel.

Rose gold for love, yellow gold for loyalty and grey gold for friendship, the Trinity ring is a sign of engagement. Over a million Trinity rings have been sold in the world. Mind, body and spirit continue to meet and materialize in one of the most iconic collections the world of haute joaillerie has come to know and hold dear.

Some things never go out of style – no matter how much time has passed since they first came into the dazzling world of haute joaillerie…Refined sensibility, romantic nostalgia, a fleeting sense of ever-lasting fulfillment – it’s all there, in Cartier’s iconic Trinity collection: a true cult classic.

The emblematic Trinity collection recognizes the power within  all its delicate refinement. Famous for the three intertwined bands – each one a symbol of a powerful life force: white gold for friendship, pink gold for love and yellow gold for fidelity – it has ventured into exploring the infinite beauty of freshwater pearls in shades of white, grey, violet,  blonde and orange from the South Seas and rare gold pearls from Australia.

Designed and crafted at the request of famous French artist, writer, and filmmaker Jean Cocteau who was known for stacking two Trinity rings on his left pinkie, the exotic and colorful creations achieved an iconic status overnight. It was soon after celebrities from the rank of Madonna, Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway started attending red carpet events with pieces from the now vastly expanded collection.

Since the original ring and bracelet that marked the beginning of the legendary collection-  the now grown collection features equally enchanting earrings, necklaces and, most recently, pavé diamonds and colored stones, pearls and a trio of gold hearts. The newest addition to the collection is a classic Trinity ring that has been transformed into a sparkling engagement ring with pavé diamonds adorning each of the three bands for an added wow effect. Other Trinity rings have been embellished with pink and blue sapphires for a brilliantly colorful take on a classic that pays homage to its Art Deco heritage.

This new youthful twist on an iconic jewelry collection is a true testament to the creative spirit of Cartier that saw the rings being reshaped into three interlocking hearts. Reinventing classic motifs is sure ways to make one of the most recognizable designs of all time remain relevant in the modern context of highly wearable and effortlessly elegant pieces.

Newer designs in the Trinity collection play on the powerful allure of the pearl and incorporate it into the intertwining bands in ways that elicit harmony and balance. Strands of pearls come together with yellow, pink and white gold to form lighter-than-air chains, tassels, rings and dangling earrings. “Rings coil inwards, bracelets form chains of purity, pendants shimmer in sheer clusters and pearls bloom into petals, forming flowers on the Trinity ring,” as described by the famous jeweler.

This is an emblematic collection that epitomizes the delivery of elegant simplicity. Over the years, the Maison has re-imagined and introduced a dazzling number of varieties of the original Trinity ring, including its bold black-and-white version, whose monochromatic allure is as edgy and modern as it is opulent and bold. But above everything else – it is a true testament to the way Cartier is able to bring the iconic jewels of the past into the present through constant reinvention of their timeless design, allure and sophisticated elegance.

A tale of craftsmanship that transcends trends, becoming an instant cult classic.TRINITY RING, CLASSIC WHITE GOLD, YELLOW GOLD, PINK GOLD by Cartier


Trinity ring by Cartier on rose, yellow and rose gold set with diamonds

Trinity ring by Cartier, mounted on rose gold with diamonds and sapphires

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