The Love Bracelet by Cartier

A symbol of love and commitment, the Cartier LOVE bracelet was created in 1969 at the right time for the right reasons. History of an iconic and timeless piece.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

The peace and love era was in full swing when Cartier launched the LOVE bracelet.

In the early sixties, Aldo Cipullo a revolutionary Italian designer from a family of jewelers left Florence for New York in the hope to become famous.

His talent was soon discovered by Cartier who hired him in 1969. That same year, Cipullo came with the LOVE bracelet idea.

Made of two parts jointed together by one and only screw with a Cartier gold screwdriver!

At one point, the LOVE bracelet could only be bought for someone and not oneself, a sign of love and commitment with a sophisticated opening process not to say symbolic as an image of a couple who cannot split up by anyone or a relationship that cannot be split up by anything.

Graphic and geometric, you screw the ovale bracelet around your wrist and it matches up any outfit under any circumstances.

Cartier LOVE bracelet ~ 5'300 Euros - for the original version in yellow gold
Cartier LOVE bracelet ~ 5’300 Euros – for the original version in yellow gold
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