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SIHH 2019: What The Eye of Jewelry Spotted On Day One

The 29th edition of the SIHH (Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie) located in Geneva, Switzerland, opened the doors to worldwide retailers and press yesterday morning. Here is The Eye of Jewelry’s recap on Day 1!

A dial or how to make yourself interesting

Complications aside, watchmakers need to showcase their ingenuity if they want to carry on dazzling buyers and consumers with a timepiece’s design. From volcano ash and velvet to straw and eggshell inlay, these relatively classic premium watches are exploring new sides…

The art crafting to their paroxysm

A significant number of watchmaking brands focus on the expertise of their craftsmen specialized in art crafting. And for this cause, art crafting is far from being the crème de la crème on our wrists, involving the artistic beauty to…

Size Adjustment of Cartier Rings: Can Cartier Rings Be resized?

The utmost care and precision must be taken with size adjustment of Cartier creations such as rings, to preserve the quality of each masterfully created piece. As each piece is finely crafted using complex techniques and gemstones of exceptional quality,…

Well-kept secrets

“There are no secrets that time does not reveal,” are Jean Racine’s wise words. As the history of watchmaking unfolds, secrets and time are indeed revealed. Pooja Agarwal explores the world of secret watches. Photos Philippe Lacombe

Dreaming about Asia with Cartier and the Baur Foundation

The Baur Foundation, Museum of Far Eastern Art in Geneva just ended an exhibition on Asia inspired by Cartier Collections. Over 160 exceptional creations from the jeweler together with just about a hundred pieces from the Baur Foundation collections were showcased…

Karen Elson is not only the model but the singer of Cartier Diamonds

Famous for their extraodinary videos, Cartier unveiled their latest movie dedicated to diamonds – featuring as ever, sparkling stones and big cats. Karen Elson, model and singer re-interprets in a magical atmosphere Diamonds’ are a girl’s bestfriend directed by Johan Renck.