Top 5 pieces of jewelry with a spiky edge

Rounded, aggressive or pointy, nails and spikes  have never cease to inspire designers who use them in order to make a statement in bold pieces of jewelry for a rock’n’roll look more than ever. Lesson of style !

Author By Eleonor picciotto

The Aquila Earrings from Colette Jewelry

Aquila earrings set in white gold with diamonds and a black Tahitian pearl, Colette Jewelry
Aquila earrings set in white gold with diamonds and a black Tahitian pearl, Colette Jewelry

As a matter of fact, the use of the nail is very subtle in this pair of earrings. Colette juxtaposes it with astral references dear to the designer in order to become part of a pattern in its own right. Located on either side of the central branch, the two nails adorned with a white diamond in a bezel set disrupts the dynamics of the star with originality. What she got right? The black Tahitian pearl as centerstone to  buckle a very assertive style, that happens to be perfect if you want to wear it solo.


The Rockaway Spinner half paved from Statement

Rockaway spinner ring set in diamonds and sterling silver, Statement

As an architecture enthusiast, Amélie Huynh has drawn on the codes of brutalism for her Rockaway collection. The picot plays the leading role in this jewelry score, in a nod to the repetition of movement in this modern exercise. To counterbalance the radical spirit of the line, the designer injects the right amount of diamonds at each end of the ring as a subtle sparkling surrounding to soothen the rigid approach of the piece. A beautiful lesson of  balance.

The Small version of the Clash Bracelet from Cartier

Clash Bracelet in rose gold, Small Version , Cartier

It would have been so easy and so obvious to speak about the Juste Un Clou model in this article…but that wouldn’t have taken into consideration its little brother/sister : Clash. Less famous, more contemporary, extremely modern,  the Clash collection ticks all the boxes between its notched mesh, and its sharp spikes yet extremely soft and rounded. A jewel with two faces, both feminine and masculine, whose particular vibration seduces at the very first sight.

Mrs Darling Earrings from De Jaegher

Mrs Darling earrings in white gold and diamonds, De Jaegher

Nourished by vintage, gipsy and rock’n’roll references, Vanessa de Jaegher is unparalleled in infusing one of the key motifs of the rock trend with a more feminine edge. Anything but literal, these small hoops are rounded to better embrace the line of diamonds that runs through this pair of earrings. A model that we choose in white gold for every day, or in yellow gold if you like more refined pieces.

Espionne Ring from Hermes

Espionne Ring, In sterling Silver, Hermès

Inspired by the iconic Collier de chien collection from Hermès, the Espionne ring (the spy ring so to speak) takes on the motif for a revisit that gives pride of place to volume and asymmetry fully made of sterling silver – the favorite metal used by the French house !


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