When talented jewelry designer Caspita meets talented architect Zaha Hadid

Let’s introduce Skein by Caspita, a creative collaboration and a jewelry association between the world of high-end jewelry and majestic architecture led by two empowering women: Zaha Hadid and Arlène Bonnant.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

The artistic duo has merged its artistic signature designs in an array of organic, polygonal shapes, representing the infinitely small cellular structures found in nature. The multi-faceted lattice pieces explore the intricate yet extremely strong cellular structures in a dialogue that defines the formal language of the collection and expresses the exciting new possibilities and potential for working to the finest detail in gold.

The Caspita Skein collection consists of finely crafted rings in 18 karat gold, some inlaid with brilliant diamonds within the delicate latticework structure. The designs comprise a double layer of polygons that form a delicate mesh over the finger with the front of the band shaped into a claw-like asymmetric point for a more dramatic look. Made in black, white, yellow and pink gold, bracelets in a similar mesh style will also be revealed at a later date at the pop-up store in Geneva.The end result of the capsule collection surely raises a brow or two. The Caspita Skein collection is a clean, cut organic jewelry collection, graphic and architectural of course.

When Arlène Bonnant looked for inspiration outside of conventional places she found it in late-Zaha Hadid’s adventurous designs. Her vision led to imagine a collection that would metaphorically become the building block of pieces for women with a strong personality and bold vision.

It is not surprising that Bonnant settled on the late-Zaha Hadid. Bonnant’s experience in the art world has always governed her in establishing the unique tone of Caspita since its inception in 2010. Contemporary art meets extreme precision and architectural austerity in the Skein collection down to the pieces’ most minute details. Both the fine art world and the fine jewelry world came to be out of a need to express oneself, to transmit and to share. And it was Zaha Hadid’s mastery with design that became the structural platform for Caspita’ newest collection of distinctive latticework patterns that are edgy and refined at the same time.Arlène’s pursuit of “the notions of ornaments for the mind and conversations for the soul.”  Defines Caspita’s journey towards light and fluid jewelry that translates “the abstract into something a lot more meaningful and precious.” The Skein collection tells you that she has translated the abstract concepts, effectively so, into lovely pieces of jewelry. Zaha Hadid was the logical choice to explore the clean, symmetrical forms of nature and translate them into bold, austere jewelry with personality that expresses exciting new possibilities.

The Skein collection is the result of their mutual efforts and shared vision for innovative design and minimalistic simplicity – defines the formal language of finely crafted rings in 18 karat gold, some inlaid with diamonds within the delicate mesh structure. A true representation of the union of minds that think and dream alike!


Arlène Bonnant & Zaha Hadid
Arlène Bonnant & Zaha Hadid

Arlène Bonnant & Zaha Hadid ring gold

Arlène Bonnant & Zaha Hadid gold ring diamonds

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